Webbox Natural Pet Food Review

Reviewed by Janine Rumble

Webbox is a brilliant company that ‘creates innovative food, treats and toys for dogs and cats that give pets not just what they need but also what they really want so they can get more joy out of every single moment. Toys that surprise and excite, food that is droolingworthingly tasty and of course super healthy!’

Webbox has a large variety of natural food products for both cats and dogs to order via their website. This includes food and treats, all made from natural products.

My dogs have tried a variety of the dog products and they both enjoy the food and the treats and it is nice to know that the products are mostly natural and are good for them.

The dog products include wet dog food, dry dog food and dog treats. Webbox offer a huge selection of delicious dog food, chomping chews and tantalising dog treats to cater to your canine. Specially formulated to meet your pawsome pal’s nutritional needs and available in a wide range of tempting flavours, including bacon, beef and peanut butter, it’s easy to give your dog food they not only need but really want!

The cat products include dry cat food, wet cat food and cat treats. Webbox create a wide range of the best cat food, with mouth-watering mousses, droolworthy dry kibble and tempting cat treats specially designed to give your cat the nutrients they need. With a variety of fantastic flavours to choose from, including turkey, chicken, rabbit and salmon, there’s plenty to keep your feline friend happy!

They also sell fish food and food for wildlife. Webbox feature a wide range of the best fish food, from palatable colour-enhancing pellets to highly digestible sticks packed with essential amino-acids. Specially created with nutrients and vitamins to promote good health, a long life and crystal-clear water, there’s only the best for your fish friend. Webbox stock delicious and nutritious food to support and satisfy your local wildlife. Specially formulated to be high in fibre and to compliment natural diets, these tempting treats are packed with vitamins and minerals to keep your garden visitors happy and healthy.

Webbox Natural Products are also on sale at all major supermarkets.

The products are attractively packaged and contain information on the back of them that provide any pet owner with assurance that the product within is healthy and tasty for their pet.

I would recommend these products, as would my two dogs, Ralph and Teddy, who especially enjoy the fish flavoured products.

Rating: 5/5

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