Waitrose Sauvignon Blanc Villa Maria Review

WaitroseSauvignonBlancVillaMariaWaitrose Sauvignon Blanc
Villa Maria

Reviewed by Dorothy White

I would not normally choose a Sauvignon Blanc as I much prefer a Rosé wine but was asked to try the Waitrose Sauvignon Blanc, Villa Maria in the classic Marlborough style with 12% volume.

I had difficulty opening the bottle as the screw top would not separate from the bottom part which just kept turning round and round. Once I had managed to get over that hurdle and get the bottle open I was in for a pleasant surprise.

The wine was very crisp and fresh, not too dry, but I could not work out what fruit it was made from.  I did keep trying though!!

A very palatable white wine indeed!!

It says on the label ‘equally delicious as an aperitif or with asparagus, fish or chicken.’  To be honest if I like a wine I will drink it with anything I fancy, I do not stick to white for fish or red for beef etc…

I can thoroughly recommend this wine as it is an excellent Sauvignon Blanc.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £10.49

Available to buy from Waitrose here.


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