VTech InnoTab 3S Review


InnoTab 3S
by VTech


Reviewed by Brian Grehan

When it comes to buying presents for children, especially gifts of a technical nature VTech are certainly the market leader. So when we received the new InnoTab 3S to review, our assistant reviewer (Lauren, aged 8) screeched with delight!

I, on the other hand, was a little bit more apprehensive. As a self-confessed techno-numpty I was a little frightened about what it could do. After Lauren showed me how to switch it on we were ready to try it out. I then decided it would be best if she took over control of the tablet and told me how good it was. It was not good… it was EXCELLENT!

There is so much this tablet can do. Lauren loves the multi functionality of the InnoTab 3S. It has exciting new Wi-Fi features which allow children to access a Kid Safe web browser. The tablet also has a brilliant application called "Kid Connect". This is absolutely amazing as children can send photos, pictures and voice recordings to parents and friends to smart phones and other tablet devices as long as they have downloaded the Kid Connect app.

The InnoTab 3S also has a rotatable 2 mega pixel camera which Lauren has made great use of. In fact there is no place safe in the house as she insists on taking pictures of everything. I keep telling her that no one is interested in me eating my corn flakes but she won't listen!

As with previous vetch tablets the InnoTab 3S children have access to a huge catalogue of ebooks, games, videos and music from VTech's online hub The Learning Lodge. Well-known characters and bands like Peppa Pig and One Direction are available from this learning zone. This reassures me as a parent that these are available it just emphasises the impact that VTech have in this high tech market.

The brilliant thing about Kid Connect is that parents maintain control over what can be viewed and played on the InnoTab 3S. Children make up their own wish list which is then sent to the parent for approval. So the worry of what they may be able to view on the browser is eased as it does not give them unlimited access to the internet.

At less than 70 pounds this fantastic tablet has set the standards for high tech children's entertainment. It is an astounding piece of equipment. I am again awe struck by how far educational toys for children have come in recent years. The look of the InnoTab 3S is sleek. It looks like the adult tablets that are available and gets a huge thumbs from both Lauren and me.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £99.99

Available to buy from VTech in blue or pink here.

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