VTech Innotab 2 Review


Vtech Innotab 2


Reviewed by Michelle Wright

The VTech Innotab 2 is ready to use as soon as you take it out of the packaging! The battery was already in the tablet and as there were games loaded already, my daughter could play with it almost immediately.

Its funky design is sleek and ergonomic, but at the same time sturdy enough for little hands!

When the tablet was turned on, it asked for a new profile to be completed, and when a name was entered, the tablet also worked as a camera and took an image of my daughter to add to her profile… What is really cool is that just like an iPad, the tablet can rotate between landscape and portrait and so does the image on the screen!

The tablet has been out if the box for less than 15 minutes and my daughter is already sat playing happily using the colouring games supplied.

Our next step in a couple of days is to read up on the tablet and install the cd supplied containing the start information and details on the apps! It’s like a little iPad for children – it works in a very similar way, has touch screen features, rotating screens etc…

The downloads were used this week where we looked into the camera tool. This has the facility to take a photo of yourself or anywhere else from the user holding the tab in the same position. The camera is located at the top of the Innotab and rotates 180 degrees for taking pictures. The touch screen use allows you to view the photo almost instantly, it can also add an effect to your picture before taking and has a full range of tools such as distorting the image (my daughter liked this one!) or adding a 'frame' such as a comedy hat, moustache, wig etc to your profile. The Innotab also has storage for pictures and is viewed in a similar way to an iPad, where touch screen control makes this easy to navigate. The camera tool allows hours of fun with lots of options to enhance your images and view them or download at a later date.

RRP: £84.99

For more information or buy the Innotab 2 visit www.vtechuk.com/innotab/InnoTab2

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