Vivabox for Him Review

Vivabox For Him

Reviewed by Ian Ballinger

I was absolutely delighted when I opened up my Vivabox For Men, it is well packaged, very visual, sturdy and it looks and feels proper even before you open it. 

When I ignorantly opened the package I was slightly disappointed. Had I been misled by the images of bottles of fragrance on the outer sleeve? My assumption was the pack contained 7 difference bottles to have a good test with, but in the top draw there were the traditional sample bottles containing about 5ml each. Then I opened the second draw to reveal a voucher to claim your favourite bottle in all its fullness from The Perfume Shop. Suddenly I was happier with this product than before I opened it, when I full of expectation. This box is a perfect gift if you're stuck on what to buy a family member or a friend if you don't know their tastes.

Contained in the box are seven brilliant fragrances, all at the very top end of the market. There is no cheapy "let's sneak this naff one in" here that some retailers insist on doing to multi-packs. 

The price of a Vivabox is only £37.99, which is a steal when you consider that there is approximately 35ml of aftershave in the pack, plus a full bottle to redeem. 

I was interested to know the prices of the individual bottles in the pack as the cost of aftershave and perfume varies a lot between brands. The breakdown of costs from The Perfume Shop is below…

Paco Rabanne Black XS, 50ml – £35.50
Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme, 75ml – £39.50
Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male, 75ml – £38.99
BOSS Orange Man, 60ml – £38.50
Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Men, 50ml – £37.99 
HUGO Man, 75ml – £29.50 (sale price)
James Bond 007, 75ml – £31.50

As you can see there are different levels of value in the pack depending on the bottle you select with your voucher – saying that, the experience of trying out scents that were new to me, as well as fragrances I've owned, has a value on its own that exceeds the difference between the cheapest bottle and the Vivabox. 

I am delighted with this product and still have no idea what bottle I will choose to use my voucher on, but I do know it will be something I have not owned before.

Rating: 5/5

For more information on the Vivabox for Him or to buy click here.

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