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Vinyl Impressions Car and Trucks Wall Stickers Review

Reviewed by Helen Jiggins

These wall stickers arrived in a very sturdy cardboard tube with plastic stoppers. The stickers themselves were wrapped in tissues and the presentation of the package on arrival was quite impressive.

The product consists of four sheets of stickers. There are various trucks, cars and lettering (“HONK”, “DETOUR” etc.,) all in similar muted colours, primarily orange, grey and light blue. One truck has a chalk-board finish, which can be used to personalise the set.

The stickers appear to have adhered well to the wall and look really good (I put them on the wall next to his under-bunk, so he has his own little private space, away from his big brother on the top bunk).

Overall I think these are lovely products. I was pleased the colours weren’t too garish, although bright colours for children are usually fine, but it worked well for my four-year old, who is very proud of his new additions. I would buy these again, but I am hoping he doesn’t peel them off, so I won’t have to!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £24.99 (£29.99 including VAT)

Available to buy from www.vinylimpression.co.uk.


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