Venus Star Rising by Arielle Guttman Review

A new cosmology for the 21st Century

Reviewed by Delphi Ellis

Guttman encourages the reader to join her on a journey to discover the real purpose of Venus, the brightest star in the evening sky.  The author begins this book by acknowledging that Venus is not in fact a star, but a planet whose light is reflected from the Sun to produce the five-pointed, star light effect.  Venus was also the name the Romans gave to the Great Goddess who, in Greece, was known as the beautiful Aphrodite who emerged from the sea, reportedly the daughter of Zeus.  She is often thought to represent the gifts of nature, passion and fertility.

In this book, the author explores the myths surrounding Venus and the relevance of the characteristics for which she is known further drawing comparisons to this and the night sky.  She provides in-depth and detailed analysis of the sacred geometry of Venus explaining, for example, the synchronicity between Mathematics and calculations of the Venus cycle.  Translated into architecture, she describes these examples of “the divine proportion” said to produce harmony on earth.  This can further be demonstrated when considering monuments which she explains “mirror cosmic patterns in the sky – as above, so below”.

In this intriguing publication she proffers the idea that Venus has the power to change your life. Split in to three parts, each section takes the reader through the Astronomy and Geometry of the Venus Star, The Mythology and Astrology of Venus, How to Discover your Venus Star Point (VSP) and how the VSP can impact your relationships.

Each person has, writes Guttman, a Venus Star Point (VSP) which can provide a way of understanding an individual and, using your VSP channel your energy appropriately to get more from life.  The author then provides a chapter on each individual VSP and their character traits, including other planetary influences.

It took some time to establish my VSP, the charts in the book at first glance aren’t straightforward unless you read the corresponding chapters – this isn’t a book to skip through or of which you can dip in and out. However once I did, the characteristics she describes we’re uncanny and certainly provided food for thought. If you have a genuine interest in this topic and want to know how Venus may be affecting your decisions and their outcomes this will be one for your collection.

Rating: 4/5

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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