Valentine’s Gifts Review

ValentinesGiftValentine’s Gifts Review

Reviewed by Claire Turner

The first item I reviewed as part of the Valentine’s gifts was a perfume. Monsoon Rose Gold Eau de Parfum spray in a 50ml bottle (RRP: £29 50ml / £35 100ml). I was very excited to try this perfume out as I usually stick to what I like and don’t branch out. This is presented well in a crisp white box with rose gold writing, the bottle itself is a tear drop shape and nice to hold. It looks luxurious and very appealing. From the first spray I knew this would be my new ‘go to’ perfume, prefect for any occasion – work, dinner, drinks, shopping! It has a lovely floral and fruity smell, isn’t too overpowering and lasts all day. There are hints of lemon, rose, vanilla, musk and amber. I was complimented on the perfume whilst wearing it and when asking friends and family they agreed it was lovely. I will definitely be recommending this. 5 out of 5!! Wonderful!


Next was a Brushworks Complexion Sponge (RRP: £4.99). It certainly is a ‘super soft’ sponge. It is bright purple in colour, packaged well in a clear and pink plastic box. It can be used wet or dry so I tried both with different products. I found it worked best with my powder foundation using the sponge dry – it used minimal product as it sits on the sponge rather than being absorbed into it. It blended the product in well and gave a good coverage. I will continue using this as I’ve found I prefer it to a normal make-up brush. 4.5 out of 5.


I had one more beauty review – Transformulas – Lip Volume (RRP: £29.95). This says on the box that it is ‘beauty without surgery’ and claims that after 30 days it will have reached maximum effect!! I have only had this for one week so my review is based on this week’s usage. It comes packaged well and the actual lip volume is in a shiny silver tube. It is easy to open and apply. I followed the instructions and applied 3 times a day since I received it. It does tingle when applied – which it is supposed to. I can’t say that after a week I’ve noticed any change to my lips but if I’d a great moisturiser and gives a lovely shine to my lips and lasts well. My lips are quite full anyway so accentuating then works all for me. I will keep using it for the 3 weeks and await great results. So far so good! 4 out of 5 so far!


Next up was an iPhone 6/6s Flavr phone case (RRP: £14.99). I received this in a pineapple design – it’s bright, funky and cheery! It’s a clear plastic case with pineapples over it. It fitted the iPhone 6 well and was easy to put onto the phone and remove again. It felt nice to hold and wasn’t at all slippy like some can be. The only downside to this type of case for me is that it doesn’t cover each side of the phone well so that I’m not convinced the screen would still be in one piece if dropped. I like a small lip around the edge to protect the screen. Having said that it’s a well-made case with a nice design. 3.5 out of 5.


This next item has been on my list to buy for ages so I was so excited to test it out!! Urbanista Berlin Bluetooth earphones (RRP: £39). I received the white ones to try. I read & followed the instructions and it was really easy to pair the Bluetooth with my iOS device (and also to my husband’s Android device). The headphones are lightweight and have L & R on each one so you know which ear to wear which one in. They are comfortable once worn and easy to adjust the volume on a little stick (with a clip to keep the wires out the way). I couldn’t hear any background noise and the music I listened to was clear and crisp. There is a charging cable in the box and this doesn’t take long to charge and holds its charge well. The cable plugs into any USB plug to charge. You can also use this to make and receive calls – very handy. I sometimes go running (when it’s warmer) so will be looking forward to finally have Bluetooth headphones for this!! 5 out of 5 from me!


Finally I received 1 white cotton pillow case from The Fine Cotton Company with the word LOVE embroidered on in red (RRP: £20.40). It looks lovely and is very soft when just out of the packet. The embroidery is done well apart from the finishing off behind the heart – this is clumpy and does show through. There were also 2 holes above the letter L – very very tiny pinprick holes but could see these increasing in size. The pillow case I feel is more of a showy item to have on your bed rather than sleeping on it as I wasn’t keen on the embroidering under my head so turned the pillowcase over! 2.5 out of 5 I’m afraid!


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