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Valentina’s Classic Pannetone Review


Reviewed by Charlotte Gatehouse

Yet again we’re zooming towards Christmas at rapid speed, it might be a bit too early to get festive just yet but Pannetone tastes good at any time of year so it’s fair to say I was pleased to receive one of these in the post from Valentina’s Deli.

Valentina’s is a Italian delicatessen with stores in London and Surrey, they sell a gorgeous selection of Italian food and wine and it’s well worth exploring their website for those special items if like me you don’t live close enough to visit their stores.  They clearly have spent time hand selecting quality items to stock

The Pannetone I received was delivered safely and fully intact, no problems with the arrival of this squashable treat.  I was sent the Classic which is luckily my favourite but it is worth noting there are plenty of other flavours available on Valentina’s website including Chocolate and Pear and Chocolate in this particular range which is now on my list of things to try .

The Pannetone itself is beautifully wrapped in striped paper and tied with a royal blue ribbon, a pretty gift to present to even the fussiest of recipients.  It was almost too nice to open-note I said almost!  Opening the package felt just like I was getting a present and I was immediately hit with the gorgeous aroma of the classic Italian Christmas cake.  If I could bottle that smell I would, to me that smell of mixed fruit and baked goods is Christmas.

I enjoyed my first slice late morning with my coffee and it’s fair to say I don’t think anyone would be disappointed with this, it had the perfect fruit to bread ratio (it my opinion) and was beautifully soft.  It made me wonder why I only eat Pannetone once a year.  Although lovely, fresh and moreish when first open, I actually like it a few days later (if there’s any left) when it’s gone a bit stale and you can dip it in a coffee or hot chocolate.  It’s the gift that keeps giving!  It’s certainly put me in the festive spirit and excited for the season ahead.

The 750g Pannetone is available to buy for £19.95 which is more than I would spend usually and would just pick one up from the supermarket, but this was so much more delicious and would make a beautiful gift for anyone hosting over the festive period, it might even be worth keeping a few in for any unexpected visitors as it’s the type of thing anyone would be happy to receive.  It’s no surprise that this has been a winner of a Great Taste Award.  I’ll be filling up my basket with these along with some of the other lovely items on offer.  Valentina’s are also currently offering 10% off for new customers so worth getting your order in and especially as the shelf life lasts well into March 2024.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.95

This item is available to purchase from Valentina’s Deli and can be ordered online here.

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