Urban Spa Deluxe Massager Review

Urban Spa Deluxe Massager

Reviewed by Jemma Donald

I was so excited to receive the deluxe massager from Urban Spa. 

The massager itself is made of a nice light wood. At first glance it looks like some sort of moon buggy toy, which instantly caught the attention on my 2 year old hahaha.

My fiancé tested it out on me initially. I found the massaging dimples were too hard for me and it just caused me to fall into fits of giggles every time I used it. Stuart on the other hand loved it. The 4 different parts can pivot and move to the shape of your body so it was very relaxing for him. The handle is a nice size so it’s easy to get a good grip and put as much or as little pressure and you want when using it. Like any other massager its best to have someone else use it on your back but it’s easy to use on your legs etc yourself.  My little girl really liked the fact that it was tickly and was always picking it up to use on her legs too.

The only negative thing we came across was that the screws that hold each set or rollers came out after it had been used for a while but it was easy enough to screw them back in tighter.

Overall it’s a great product and I would recommend it to my less tickly friends and family :)

RRP: £12.00

Rating: 4/5

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