Unicorn Plush Hot Water Bottle Review


Reviewed by Kathryn Carr

If you’re looking for a Valentine’s gift for your hottie that isn’t flowers or chocolates, how about something that will really warm their heart – a Unicorn Plush Hot Water Bottle.

We’ve had a snowy start to February and Valentine’s Day too falls in the UK’s coldest month. With this gift, you can add the cute factor to the cosiness and comfort a hot water bottle radiates, ensuring your other half loves rather than loathes a cold night. You’re not merely giving them a rubber bottle to fill with hot water and seal with a stopper, you’re giving them a super soft, pretty pink, mythical creature complete with holographic feet and horns.

If you’re away on Valentine’s Day, this unicorn can step into your shoes (or perhaps pyjamas) as a bed-warming buddy and offer your significant other hours and hours of soothing warmth. If you are around, I’m sure you won’t mind sharing your side with this legendary symbol of fantasy.

The Unicorn Plush Hot Water Bottle from firebox.com is much cuter than similar offerings I’ve spotted on the unicorn-saturated market – they’re all the rage! My three-year-old daughter has developed a friendship with mine and measuring 39x20x13, this unicorn isn’t a bed-hogger but a welcome bedfellow, be its owner be big or small.

As well as being used for warming the bed, I’m sure both my little girl and I will call on our fluffy friend to help calm any aches and pains; it’s certainly soft enough to snuggle. The unicorn design means little ones will welcome them over a traditional, unsightly rubber bottle. The unicorn will bring a smile to the faces of grown-ups too.

The inner hot-water bottle is easy to get out and reinsert into its quirky cover. Fill it up two thirds of the way and it’ll not only hold a litre of hot water but a special place in its recipient’s heart!

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £13.99

For more information or to buy visit www.firebox.com.

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