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Undone Stitch Personalised Picnic Blanket Review


Reviewed by Laura S

Undone Stitch was established in 2018 to give embroidery a modern twist on personalised products.

Each product ordered is personalised to order with initials or a special word of your choice—no mass-produced batches of products, just personal to you or your recipient. Making the gifts extra special.

There are a wide range of products that can be personalised, which include: bags, jumpers, towels and picnic blankets, with items suitable for adults and children—matched by an array of colour schemes for the embroidery to meet everyone’s taste.

Now that the weather has started to improve and we can meet again with family and friends, I was delighted to review the Undone Stitch Personalised Picnic Blanket.
We love the outdoors, and going out with a picnic is a favourite family activity.
The picnic blanket top layer is a super soft fleece material in blue and white checked patterned with flexible waterproof backing.
The blanket is very soft and comfy to sit on. You can feel the high quality of it on touch.

The picnic blanket is a very generous size, measuring:
Width: 130cm
Depth: 168cm
We easily fitted on two adults with two children and had space left over.

For ease of transportation, the picnic blanket folds up and is secured by a velcro flap. The first time I tried folding it up, I needed a couple of attempts to get it folded correctly. Once I had it mastered, it takes no time at all to fold up. The handle makes it super easy to carry around.

For the personalisation, I chose orange and light blue threads for the embroidery as these are two of my favourite colours and looked great against the blue and white check on the blanket.

There are 11 colour combinations to choose from for the embroidery threads.

Undone Stitch send their products in wrapping that is eco friendly and recyclable. I was so pleased to see that the picnic blanket arrived in a size appropriate paper envelope that was recycable with no excess packaging. The picnic blanket was delicately wrapped in tissue paper which was sealed by a sticker. Perfect for if you to give as a gift.

If you are looking for personalised picnic items and gift ideas, then Undone Stitch is the place to shop, you will not be disappointed. There is a picnic towel and bag that can also be personalised and compliment the picnic blanket.
I’m currently eying up the bag to match.
All of the items are practical and extremely useful with the personalisation adding a fun and cool element.

Overall I rate the personalised picnic blanket 5/5.
The blanket is super comfy to sit on and perfect for the outdoors with the waterproof backing. I love that it can be folded up and carried. The embroidery makes the picnic blanket look very cool.
Best of all, the items are personalised to order and you are supporting a UK business.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £38

This product can be purchased from the Undonestitch website here.

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