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Typhoon Pure Products Review


Reviewed by Cath Joyce

Typhoon is a well known brand of kitchen and cookware products. Established in 1975 they have spent the last 45 years bringing great products to our kitchens, I have quite a few of their products already as they are always excellent quality and reasonably priced. I was really pleased when I was asked to review some products from the new Typhoon Pure range because this new collection not only looks good but means I can start doing my bit for the environment by reducing the amount of plastic I use. I was really pleased to see that all four products had minimal packaging, the bottles only had a small card collar and the lunchbox and travel mug just had a card label attached with string.

I was really pleased to receive the Typhoon Pure Sustainable Bamboo fibre lunchbox because I currently just put my sandwiches in a plastic bag to take to work. Swapping for a reusuable lunchbox seemed a great idea to easily reduce my use of plastic and it will also mean I don’t end up with squashed sandwiches too.

Bamboo is a plant that grows in many places around the world and has a proven track record of contributing to sustainability of the environment. It is an excellent alternative to plastic as it is reusable and biodegradable. The Typhoon Pure Sustainable Bamboo fibre lunchbox is very attractive, it has a leaf patten around the sides with the wording “Green is the new Black” and a bamboo lid with the Typhoon logo branded into it. The lunchbox has a built in elastic strap to keep the lid securely on and as it is firmly attached to the lid there is no chance of losing it! The lid fastens securely, even without the strap and there is no chance of your sandwiches falling out in your bag. It isn’t a huge lunchbox, the measurements are width 110 mm x height 60 mm x length 200 mm, it only fits a sandwich and maybe a chocolate biscuit or box of raisins in, but it was the perfect size for my lunch. The box is very easy to clean and is very durable, my son dropped it on the tiled kitchen floor, an unintentional test which it passed with flying colours! It feels very sturdy and I can see me using this for a very long time.

The Typhoon Pure double wall 500ml bottle is a robust steel bottle that will keep liquids cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. It has double walled insulation and a wide neck, this makes it much easier to fill and also means it is easy to put ice cubes in, to help keep drinks cold on hot days. The bottle is white with the same attractive leaf pattern that the lunchbox has with the “Green is the new Black” wording in the middle. It also has a faint glittery effect which I really liked. It has a very secure fitting lid, I filled it up and turned it upside down, shaking it vigorously and not a drop was spilled. I do a lot of walking and a leak free bottle is very important to me as I don’t want things getting wet in my rucksack when I am out hiking. When I go out walking in winter I tend to take hot Vimto rather than tea or coffee as Vimto is much nicer after a day sitting in a bottle and if it does goes cold it really doesn’t matter as it is still drinkable. I always find drinks stay hotter if you preheat the bottle so before I added the Vimto I filled it with boiling water and left it for 15 minutes. I then poured hot Vimto into it and left it 12 hours. I checked it at 6 hours, 8 hours, 10 hours and 12 hours to see what the Vimto was like. At 6 hours the Vimto was really hot and I had to leave it a couple of minutes before I could drink it. At 8 hours it was still very hot but I could drink it straight away if I poured it into a cup. At 10 hours I could drink it out of the bottle and it was actually the perfect temperature for hot Vimto and finally after 12 hours it was still hot enough to call it hot Vimto. I was really impressed at the heat holding capabilities and will be recommending this bottle to all my walking and Scouting friends.

I also tried it with cold water, I put it in the fridge overnight and then added ice cubes in the morning before we went out. It was very refreshing when we were out and still very cold when we got home that evening. I left it overnight and tasted the water in the morning and whilst it wasn’t icy cold anymore it was still very cold.

The Typhoon Pure 600ml glass bottle is an attractive glass reusable bottle. Like the double wall 500ml bottle it has the same leaf pattern with “Green is the new Black” wording in the middle. I am not keen on carrying a glass bottle when I am walking but thought it would be good to keep at work as it would be the perfect way to help me drink more water when I am working. I fill it up from the water fountain in a morning and refill it throughout the day. I have found by keeping it on my desk I am drinking much more water and feel much better for it. The lid is very secure, I did the same test, filling it up with water, turning it upside down and shaking it vigorously and again not a drop was spilled. The bottle can be washed in the dishwasher although I did find it a little tall for the top shelf of our dishwasher and it had to be washed on its side which wasn’t ideal so I now wash it by hand in soapy water. The bottle is made from robust strong glass and assuming you look after it will last a very long time.

I don’t drink tea or coffee so decided to give the Pure Wheat Fibre Travel Mug 380ml to my boss. He tends to pick up a coffee on his way in to work and it is always in a disposable cup which he throws away. I suggested he could do his bit for the environment and use a reusuable cup, he said he had never considered it before but was willing to try it and after a few days said he was really pleased with it. He has got into the habit of washing it before he leaves work and then leaving it in the car so he doesn’t forget to pick it up in the morning. He still stops at the same coffee shop and they fill his cup and he has said it stays warm for much longer due to the double walled insulation. The cup is dark green with the “Green is the new Black” logo and the leaves around it. It has a screw top lid and a handy flip up handle which also doubles up as a stopper for the spout to prevent spills. It fits easily in the drinks holder in a car and it great for travelling. My boss is thrilled with it and there are now 5 less disposable coffee cups every week going in the bin which I think is a great result.

These are all excellent products and if we all swap our plastic bottles, cups and lunchboxes for these eco friendly alternatives we are doing our bit to help the environment too.

Rating: 5/5


This product can be purchased from Typhoon Homewares here.

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