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TWINKLY Candies Fairy Lights Review


Reviewed by Rebecca Cross

Christmas is the perfect time of year to get out the fairy lights for decorating your home.  However these TWINKLY Candies lights are great for all year round.  I was surprised by how vibrant and colourful these lights are – the picture doesn’t do them justice!

When I received this item, I was concerned with how complicated they were going to be to set-up.  The set came with a small instruction booklet, however it was easier to scan the QR code and download the TWINKLY app.  You need to create an account to use the app, or you can log in via Facebook, but once you’re in it talks you through how to use the lights step-by-step.  The lights connect to the app on your phone via Bluetooth and also connect to your WiFi.  It took me about 10 minutes to set them up initially and then I was able to choose from a range of settings and timings.

One minor thing that I was disappointed in is that the lights don’t come with a plug.  They have a USB-C connection so I had to find a plug that I already owned to be able to plug them in.  They are not battery powered, so you would need to plug them into a plug or via a laptop for them to work.

The range of options for the lights are amazing – I have opted to put them along the banister up the stairs and I have chosen Christmas themed green and red lights for December.  The lights look so vibrant and are very bright, so they are great for brightening up my dark hallway.  One limitation is that they are for indoor use only, so cannot be used outside however, I am planning to leave them up inside my house throughout the year, but change the colour of the lights through the app. Some of the other pre-set options that look great are “Rainbow Rain”, “Night Sky” and “Cotton Candy”.

The app not only lets you change the colour of the lights, but you can also change the pattern and speed with which they change colour.  There is the option to choose from one of the pre-made themes or even create your own from scratch.  You could spend hours creating themes for different parts of your house or times of year!

The lights are quite costly compared to other fairy lights, with an RRP of £47.90 for a 6 metre set.  I think this is quite expensive for what they are, despite the additional features.  The lights can be bought in different shapes.  I went for the simple “pearls” option however they also have “stars”, “hearts” or “candles”.

Overall, I would highly recommend these lights for the festive season or any time of year.  They stand out much more than other fairy lights with their vibrant colours and brightness.  They are also easy to use and just require a smartphone to download the app.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £47.90

This product can be purchased from lights.co.uk here

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