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Turtle Wax Cleaning Products Review

Turtle Wax Cleaning Products


Reviewed by Paul Harvey


Turtle Wax Multi Surface Interior Cleaner 500ml
Turtle Wax Sparkling Glass Cleaner 500ml
Turtle Wax Wet & Dry Spray Wax 500 ml

All three products come in plastic bottles with a spray trigger to operate, which also has an on/off function. They are strong sturdy bottles and easy to operate.

1) The Turtle Wax Multi Surface Interior Cleaner is designed to remove dirt and stains from interior surfaces from carpets and upholstery to the vinyl and plastics. It is so easy to use by just spraying on and wiping off. I used this on my mum’s car which had stains, mould and dirt on the back seat. I simply sprayed this over all the problem areas on the seat and then after a couple of minutes wiped off the excess with a cloth. There was then just damp patches left in the specific areas and after they had dried off, all the marks had been removed and the seat was just like new! I also used it on all the vinyl/plastics on and around the dash board, which removed any marks and left them looking immaculate. It also leaves a nice fresh smell in the car for days after it has been used. 


2) The Turtle Wax Sparkling Glass Cleaner is designed to effortlessly cut through dirt and grime with no smears. It is simple to use by just spraying onto the glass and then wiping over with a paper towel. Whilst using this it became evident that it does not leave any smears and also easily removes any marks and dirt. Prior to using this cleaner there was always marks on the screen when using the wipers (even after washing the windscreen) but since using this they have been removed.





3) The Turtle Wax Wet & Dry Spray Wax is described as the quickest and easiest way to shine and protect all types of paint. This is also very quick and easy to use by simply spraying onto the wet paintwork after washing your vehicle, with no need to dry it before applying. It is sprayed on, one panel at a time and then wiped over with a chamois or soft cloth to spread and remove excess water. I personally used a chamois which worked perfectly. It sure is quick as described, as I managed to do my whole car (a new shape Vauxhall Astra) in the space of about 15-20 minutes and left it looking showroom gleaming! Considering that the last time I waxed a car (and a smaller one at that) it probably took me well over an hour and much more elbow grease! 


These products are all available from Halfords and are priced as follows:
1) The Turtle Wax Multi Surface Interior Cleaner £5.99
2) The Turtle Wax Sparkling Glass Cleaner £5.49
3) The Turtle Wax Wet & Dry Spray Wax £6.99

I would highly recommend all three of these products to anyone who likes to look after their vehicle, and doesn’t have a great deal of time to do so. They are all great value for money, simple to use and leave your car looking like new. 

Rating: 5/5

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