Tulo Vs. Puffy Mattress Compared – Which Is Better?


Choosing the right mattress for you or your family may seem a challenge nowadays, due to the extensive variety of models and brands at our disposal. I read many reviews before making a purchase decision which I needed to know it will ensure the long-term well-being of my loved ones.

Fortunately, now we have access to plenty of unbiased information and objective opinions from users, so the research work is way simpler. All it takes for you is to hit the “click here” button, and you find out all about the advantages – or disadvantages – of the product you wish to buy. From my direct experience, I put together a short comparison between two highly praised brands – the Puffy and the Tulo mattress.

Puffy is a well-rated gel-infused memory foam item which comes in a box. Most buyers find it softer and more responsive than other beds; it grants comfort, firm support, and it is ideal for stomach or back sleepers. Tulo is also a foam mattress-in-a-box brand, with three firmness choices, high durability, splendid comfort and which comes at a very competitive price. But let’s take a look at their main features:

Firmness and comfort

How do you differentiate two incredibly comfortable beds? The secret is in the details: while the Puffy layers work together to protect your body and provide generous support, but in a single medium-firm feeling, Tulo offers firmness options for you to pick from.


Puffy and Tulo confer the joy of multiple memory foam layers: Puffy has two, while Tulo has four. The 10 inches thick mattresses have excellent pressure relieving characteristics. They also come with a breathable cover and present great overnight cooling traits.

Motion transfer

Regardless of the model you choose, you’ll find that they have little to none movement transfer. Any sensitive sleeper would be extremely satisfied when sharing the bed with a partner.

Temperature regulation

Puffy keeps things a little bit cooler than the medium-firm Tulo mattress. On the other hand, the firm version of Tulo seems to be the most cooling option (due to the level of firmness); but I’d still opt for the cooling techniques featured in Puffy beds and the medium level of toughness, which is cut out for various sleeping styles.

Edge support

Tulo has different versions to offer, and they provide either excellent edge support or none, while the Puffy option supports edge sleeping rather well (but edge-sitting is out of the question).

Unboxing and off-gassing

The general rule says that it’s best to give the mattress at least 12 hours to air out and expand properly. I believe that Puffy wins the off-gassing category; people who are sensitive to smells will notice a bit of an odour in Tulo. Keep in mind that it will take two people to move around any of the mattresses safely.

Price and warranty

For those on a tight budget, Tulo is a better choice, as Puffy is more expensive than any Tulo version. The Puffy price reflects its outstanding features and the fact that it can accommodate any type of sleepers. Both brands offer extended sleep trial periods, excellent customer service, free shipping to your door and extended warranties.

To wrap things up, I’d say that both mattresses score really well in almost all essential categories, so you should base your buying decision on your preferences and budget. The main difference is that Tulo offers several choices and a reasonable price, while Puffy presents a few particular traits and will accommodate any sleeper, no matter the preferred position or firmness requirements. Overall, they are both comfortable and made to be long-lasting.

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