Tropical Sun Sauces Review


Reviewed by Colin Hewitt

A few years ago, I was fortunate to visit some Caribbean islands, including Jamaica, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands. Being a keen amateur cook, I was intrigued by the unique and delicious flavours of Caribbean cookery. So I brought back a few packets of sauces, spices, rubs and marinades, things I couldn’t readily obtain at home. Unfortunately, once used, I’ve never been able to replace them with anything remotely similar. However, I suspect my problems have now been solved after discovering Tropical Sun Foods.

I was recently sent a lovely and very generous selection of eleven spicy sauces and marinades to try – just in time for the barbecue season!

The ones I’ve sampled so far are:-

Jerk BBQ Sauce (285g) £1.79
Very Rich and Sweet – I marinaded some pork chops and cooked them on a BBQ, absolutely delicious. This could also be used as a straightforward condiment for burgers, hot dogs etc. It might be a bit sweet for some, but I loved it.

Chilli Garlic Sauce (150ml)£1.69
I added some to a Chinese inspired vegetable-based Szechuan stir fry, but it can also be used as a pouring sauce. It would also make an excellent dipping sauce for veggies, prawns etc.

Fish & Meat Sauce (142ml)£1.49
I tried this sprinkled over some BBQ fish – it’s unique and really reminded me of some of the delicious seafood dishes I’d tried in Jamaica.

Caribbean Hot Pepper Sauce (170ml) £1.69 (smaller size also available)
I often use a similar product (I won’t name it here, but it starts with XXX and ends with XXXX). (editor’s note – brand name removed) However, the Tropical Sun Caribbean Hot Pepper Sauce has won a Great Taste Award (as have many of their products, have a peep at their website). I use this as a condiment, pepping up all sorts of meals to give them some extra zing, especially pizzas. I’m certainly a convert, and this will be on my regular shopping list.

Sweet Mango Chilli Sauce (150ml) £1.69 I used this as a straightforward pouring condiment. Beautifully sweet with a lovely mellow kick.

All of the products I’ve tried were fantastic. However, I must admit I haven’t been brave enough to taste the Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce (148ml) for £1.99 or the Scotch Bonnet Pepper Sauce (142ml) for £1.85. I’m saving those for the cooler weather and another spice-warmed reminder of the Caribbean.

Tropical Sun has a brilliant website crammed with loads of different ingredients. The range is so extensive I couldn’t even offer a ball-park figure as to how many there were. I’m finding something different every time I visit. Because of the enormous range and uniqueness, I expected the items to be expensive, but I was wrong. They are great value for money. Each product is superbly described, has a complete list of ingredients, serving suggestions together with customer reviews. Delivery: Orders Under £40: £4.95 and Orders Over £40: £2.95

Except for the Fish & Meat and the Carolina Reaper sauces, the products I received were suitable for vegetarians or vegans. However, refer to the Tropical Sun website for detailed dietary information.

If you’ve got foodie friends, why not treat them to a selection of these items for a Birthday treat? (or even a Christmas present if you think that far in advance).

The other sauces I received were:-

Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce (150ml) £1.69
Peri-Peri Sauce (150ml)£1.69
Bajan Hot Pepper Sauce (150ml)£1.65
Papaya Hot Pepper Sauce (150ml)£1.69

and if they’re as good as the products I’ve tried so far, I’m going to be very happy indeed.

Rating: 5 out of 5 for taste and value for money.

RRP: The items reviewed varied from £1.49 to £1.85

These products can be purchased from Tropical Sun Foods here.

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