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Trickin’ Camel Review

Reviewed by Tracey Flintham

I received the game, Trickin’ Camel to review. It comes in a compact box with a plastic tray insert that holds the pieces which can be easily slid out of the box. It was easy to set the game up, basically the top part of the camel is connected to the base then the 20 small bottles were placed into the bottle crate, which can be done in a matter of seconds. It does require 3x AA batteries which aren’t included with the game and these are inserted into the base which is accessed with the use of a small Phillips screwdriver. There is a small pipette which is used to place a small amount of water in the camel’s mouth and then it’s time to play!

The game has 3 different challenges to it and it does take a little time to read through the instructions to know exactly which order the game should be played in. You turn the game on at the base with a simple on/off switch and then select the number of players via another simple switch according to whether there is 1, 2, 3 or 4 players joining in. For the first challenge, player presses the red button then they must watch the lights and then try and guess which of the 3 lights was lit up last by pressing the relevant button. If they guess correctly, the camel makes a noise, which according to the instructions is the sound of a bottle opening, although it was a little difficult to hear it clearly, and can take a bottle out of his crate. If they get it wrong, the camel spits water at them and play passes to the next person.

Challenge 2 is a memory game and the players take it in turns to watch a light sequence, then repeat the sequence back. The sequences get longer each time and the player who gets the sequence wrong first gets a spit of water and the other players take a bottle out of his crate. The 3rd challenge is a speed game and the player must press the illuminated button as soon as it lights up and if they are too slow, the camel will spit at them and the other players can take a bottle from his crate. The game then returns to challenge 1 and continues until all of the bottles are gone or the camel flips the remaining bottles out of his crate. The player with the most bottles is the winner.


The game is very good if you are limited on space and can be set up very quickly and easily put away at the end of the game. It also has the advantage of being used by a single player as well as multiple players and could possibly help improve a child’s memory and attention span. The bottles are a little small and I can see a few going astray and the instructions do require careful reading in order to fully understand the order and requirements of each challenge, which are my only criticisms. But overall, it’s a fun game and I can see my 8 year old playing the game on her own as well as with the family unit.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £19.99

Suitable for 1-4 players age 5 years +.

Available to buy from Amazon here.

4 Star

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