Trick or Treat with Cranky Cathy Feisty Pet

Halloween is getting bigger and bigger every year – I remember when we were growing up, it was quite enough to pop a few holes in a black binbag, wear it as a tunic and team it up with a pointy hat and a plastic nose. Not so anymore, and Halloween is a big thing where we live, with the village shops competing for a ‘best dressed window’ competition, spooky trails around the village and a fancy-dress parade for the kids.

Accessories, as the kids keep pointing out, are everything and it’s the details that really count. They seem to enjoy choosing the bits and pieces of their outfits even more than the main costume, and this year has been no different. This year, the kids are going out trick or treating dressed as witches and wizards, and have been frantically trying to find just the right things to finish off their outfits!

We have a broomstick, a couple of cauldrons and magic wands and, of course, the pointy hats, but what do all little witches need? A fierce black cat! The thing is, so many of them are just far to pleasant and friendly looking, which is absolutely not what you want for the spookiest and scariest night of the year! Well, we think we have found the right cat for the job!

Cranky Cathy from Feisty Pets is the perfect companion for any little witch this Halloween, for more than one reason! Aside from the fact that Cathy is the purrrfect size for the kids to tote around with them whilst they’re out Trick or Treating, she holds a deep and ghoulish secret. She looks like a perfectly innocent black cat – until you give the back of her head a squeeze and then you’re in for a real fright! Her face transforms into that of a hissing, spitting and really rather fierce feline – and perfect as a trick for when your little ghouls are asked for one too!  She’s absolutely fabulous and is great fun for Halloween and beyond!

And Fabio Flamefart is a fantastic companion for apprentice wizards too – a black and green placid looking dragon, again until his head is squeezed, and he turns into the kind of dragon you wouldn’t want to meet on a dark, October night. You can check out our review of Fabio here, but Feisty Pets has a brilliant range of different pets, from cute and fluffy bunnies to mythical unicorns, there’s something to suit every Trick or Treater’s outfit this Halloween!

Feisty Pets Cranky Cathy is available to buy from along with rest of the Feisty Pets range.

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