Top Tips For Beginner Gardeners

Gardens are our own piece of paradise unless they are overgrown, hard to manage or just lacking a little bit of love. Not all of us are gifted when it comes to gardening, we need a big glass of lemonade and a few weeks to get it whipped into shape.

Start Dreaming

Before you get out there and start changing everything think about what is important to you. You can use a Pinterest board, or maybe you want to create a mood board you can see and touch.

Look at the shape and space you have, what type of smells and colors do you want to see? What about lowering the maintenance requirements with artificial grass and perennials? Great for those who have less time. If you are reasonably artistic, you might even like to draw a few sketches.


The soil in your garden and what you can grow will vary depending on where you are from. Some places have sandy soil, others have thick clays. If you aren’t sure, then you should give your local nursery a call and talk to them about what you want to do, and they will be able to advise.

Make a list of the best months to plant certain seeds. Getting a general idea of when you should plant seeds, and when you should be able to get a yield from fruits and veggies is really satisfying.

Start Slowly

Everyone has to start somewhere. So you should think about picking up some starter plants and seeds. Over time you will learn so much about planting, repotting, trimming, clipping, germination… and so on. In the meantime veggies are actually a great place to start. They grow pretty quickly, and if you have made a mistake, you won’t waste as much time before you can replant and start over. You can start with small trays of ‘easy grow’ veggies, available in most discount stores. Sunflowers also grow pretty quickly, so are again a great place to start.

Make Notes

Keep notes as you go along. What works, what doesn’t. How the weather has been, what type of insects you have seen around your plants and the methods you have used to get rid of them. Add photos of your garden progress, write notes for what you might change next year too.


As eager as you are to seed the seeds sprouting through the soil, patience is key. Gardening is a slow and glorious process, with beautiful results. You tend to green stems for most of the year and then suddenly you are rewarded with colours and blooms, bees, birds, butterflies and so much more. But you need to relax and wait.


Once everything is potted, planted and in its new home, you simply have to keep up the work. Water when required, feeding, protecting from certain weather conditions and trimming will make all the difference. Weeding, pruning, and general tidying are things you absolutely must do to give your flowers the best chance.

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