Top Benefits of Getting Cisco CCNA R&S Certification with Exam Labs Practice Tests

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Cisco is a networking corporation that plays a huge role in the information technology arena. Just in one networking segment, Digital Artificial Intelligence, the company is one of the world-wide developers, leaving Huawei and HPE IT networking giants way behind. The premier network architecture vendor, corporation comes out on top for security, programmability, segmentation, and other network management demands, making AI develop in efficiently and constructively to inspire up-to-date technologies and innovation, and help consumers gain a competing prevalence. Accordingly, the CCNA R&S certification is one of the most popular credentials in the world of networking. It equips its holders with the fundamental knowledge in routing and switching technologies here .

In the post below you’ll read the details and preparation advice to become CCNA R&S certified.

CCNA R&S Certification: Acquisition Options and 200-125 CCNA exam

The CCNA R&S credential is a certification of the associate level within the Cisco certification program. It covers all the routing and switching technologies as well as other networking mechanisms. To achieve the CCNA R&S certification, there are two exam options available.

Option 1: CCNA R&S Composite Exam

The first option is passing the complex 200-125 CCNA R&S exam that tests the knowledge and skills on network fundamentals, LAN Switching technologies, IP routing technologies, and infrastructure security.

Option 2: ICND1 and ICND2

The second option implies passing two separate exams, 100-105 ICND1 and 200-105 ICND2 that also assess a candidates’ prowess in routing and switching technologies. Both exam passing options contain equal exam topics.

As the technology keeps evolving every day, Cisco corporation is gradually replacing some IT certifications, so CCNA R&S is going to be substituted by its advanced analogue on February 23, 2020.

Cisco 200-125 Exam Description

Passing 200-125 composite exam is a sure fire way to earn the CCNA R&S credential. It covers the necessary skills to deploy, manage and operate a network enterprise system. The Cisco 200-125 exam consists of the following exam topics:

  • Network Fundamentals
  • Routing Technologies
  • LAN Switching Technologies
  • WAN Technologies
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Infrastructure Management

Besides, the CCNA 200-125 test contains 60-70 multiple-choice questions set in English and Japanese. Every candidate is expected to complete the test within 90 minutes.

Getting a certification is important to your career in the following ways:

1.         Advanced Knowledge Acquisition

Information technology is a gradually evolving industry. Herewith, predominantly certified professionals acquire increasingly important roles in a society and the world of work. The reason for that is that they are the qualified professionals with the top-notch skills in the sought-after technologies in companies and organizations. Being a CCNA R&S certified professional enables you to learn and efficiently master advanced technologies, methods, and processes.

2.         Employability

Many employers prefer to hire IT professionals specializing in a certain technology rather than a general networking expert. Besides, many recruiters require relevant Cisco certifications as a prerequisite for all IT job candidates.

3.         Professional Validation

The CCNA R&S certification shows that you are eager to work extraordinarily, and it proves your concern about your employer’s company tasks because earning a Cisco certification needs high commitment.

4.         Recognition

Big amount of global companies benefit from Cisco products in their business. Professionals conversant with Cisco networking technologies are often considered for a variety of job positions. However, you will always be outstanding as the CCNA R&S certification is convincing enough for hiring managers to be sure of your proper abilities and theoretic ground. This implies that the CCNA R&S credential will enable you entering in the world’s largest companies.

5.         Salaries and allowances

Every employee expects their salary to increase within time. The CCNA R&S badge provides you with high demand skills. In addition, you will get an opportunity to represent your employer at various events being proficient in cutting-edge technologies, and, therefore, get promoted and earn more with the CCNA R&S certification.

Career prospects and average annual salaries (according to PayScale website)

•          Senior Network Engineer – $99.000

•          Systems Engineer – $73.000

•          IT Director – $101.000

To ace your performance in the Cisco 200-125 exam, you need to have a concise understanding of the main exam topics. It’s a good technique of familiarizing yourself with the concepts by using the enriching materials from the vendor and globally know training platforms.

CCNA R&S Certification Preparation Aptitudes

  • Ace your CCNA R&S tech preparation with the learning materials from Cisco. On the vendor’s official website, you can find a classroom training, thus you can benefit from studying with acknowledged instructors. This 5-day long course is delivered in class.
  • Explore E-learning self-study preparation option. Profit from the Cisco Certification Practice Exam by MeasureUp: CCNA R&S (200-125) with 30-days access. This exam contains 287 questions and covers all 200-125 exam objectives. Two practising modes are available at your disposal: either a time certification mode or a practice mode.
  • Upgrade your knowledge and skills with the Study Material page. Don’t forget to opt for Study Groups learning and also take practice in a convenient Virtual Internet Routing Lab environment. Go for the Cisco Platinum Learning Library with full-length interactive courses and study content to consolidate your networking mastery and knowledge.

Consider using some other optional but still reliable web resources like Exam Labs website and enjoy all the training opportunities for the test. 

Exam Labs Website Preparation Options

  • Firstly, take advantage of the ETE test exam simulator that replays the real exam setting. Try on this test engine that will offer you to tackle different question types with custom exam passing mechanisms, all with unlimited exam files!
  • Discover constantly updated free and updated Cisco 200-125 practice tests with answers to assist you in your exam race. The files are uploaded by the recent test-takers and provide you with the insight of what is waiting for you at the exam. Since 200-125 practice tests are in ete format, you can open them using the ETE Software.
  • Don’t miss the chance to benefit from the Exam Labs 200-125 Premium Bundle! Offered just for 39.98$, the package enables candidates with a bountiful set of premium files with 1125 validated answers and questions, a training course of 150 lectures, and an informative study guide. Alternatively, you can purchase study packages individually to cover all the objectives in a certain domain.
  • Lastly, enter the Cisco 200-125 Training Course with a full package of training videos all for your efficient preparation just for 17.99$.


Cisco certifications are the most recognized in the world as they cover the most in-demand tech skills. CCNA R&S certified professionals stand a chance of winning highly-esteemed jobs related to routing and switching. So, grasp the opportunity to prevail in your professional IT domain and get CCNA R&S certified! To pass the exam, use the most valid and actual material offered on the vendor’s website and Exam Labs web resource.

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