Tony’s Chocolonely dark milk 42% chocolate Review.


Reviewed By Nia Lock.

Crazy about chocolate, serious about people.

The absolute best thing about Tony’s is their mission to make 100% slave free the norm in chocolate. The inside of the wrapper explains the problem very clearly. The farmers who produce the cocoa are being paid very little for it, therefore they live in poverty. Clearly this is unacceptable, horrifying, and must be stopped. Tony’s Chocolaonely have a 3 step long term action plan for achieving this mission. Firstly by creating awareness. The website is a wealth of information, all concisely presented. We all knew there were injustices but to have it broken down and delivered in such an engaging manner is a breath of fresh air.

The second step in the action plan is to lead by example. Tony’s work tirelessly with their own supply chain to prove that they can be commercially viable at the same time as rejecting exploitation, modern slavery and child labour. They pay a higher price for their cocoa and invest in the education and development of their farming cooperatives in West Africa and the long term support of those communties. They have a comprehensive 5 step plan providing clarity on how they are able to produce 100% slave free chocolate.

The third step is to inspire. You aren’t left helplessly wondering what you can do to help. There is an action plan for individuals, retailers, farmers. Consumers are as much a part of the supply chain as anyone else involved and so from the website you can sign a petition to force companies to take 100% responsibility for their supply chains, there are e-newsletters to receive and the knowledge that you yourself can take responsibility for knowing who you are buying from and choosing those who are paying a living wage to the people who produce your chocolate.

This is excellent quality chocolate, there is no compromise on enjoyment here, the bar is beautifully wrapped in paper and then foil so the packaging is 100% recyclable. The wrapper design is eye catching and interesting. A bar weighs 180g so it feels thick in your hand and is divided into temptingly chunky pieces which melt wonderfully in your mouth, it’s extremely delicious. Dark milk describes it perfectly, it’s milk chocolate but deep and rich in flavour. It’s perfect for eating but I can’t wait to try baking it into a choc chunk cookie.

As explained on the packaging, the bar is unequally divided to symbolise the unfair division in the chocolate industry which makes it tactile, thought provoking and beautiful. By buying and eating this chocolate you are contributing to improving the lives of cocoa farmers and their families in Ghana and the Ivory coast.

I hadn’t tried Tony’s Chocolonely dark milk 42% before this fabulous bar arrived but as my favourite chocolate is already Tony’s milk honey almond nougat 32% I knew it would be great before I even unwrapped it. Having looked at the website I was excited to discover that there are a few more flavours of Tony’s Chocolonely than I haven’t tasted yet. The thought that other chocolates have been produced in a way which harms people and communities, even those with a fair trade mark on them is a disgrace.

I believe that Tony’s Chocolonely are succeeding in their mission to create awareness, lead by example and inspire to act. Nobody who buys this chocolate could fail to be touched by its powerful message. This is not just words. This is action.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £3.98

You can purchase this item from the Tonys website here 

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