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Tonka Toys at ASDA Review

Reviewed by David Savage

ASDA are now stocking a range of Tonka toys (now available in selected ASDA stores from £1.99 to £9.99) and we were lucky enough to receive some for review. With very excited twins who love their vehicles, we opened the box and had received:

Tonka Diecast Big Rig
Tonka Diecast Rescue Rig
Tonka Diescast Monster Truck
Tonka Tinys Three Pack
Tonka Toys Mini Playset

We received 2 different trucks from the Tonka Diecast Big Rigs Range; Long Haul Semi and Fire Rescue. (RRP: £6.99 each). Each truck is from the Real Tough Diecast range. They are both very realistic looking and consist of metal bodies and cabs (plastic trailer on the Long Haul Semi and plastic rescue lift on the Fire Rescue truck).

The Tonka Diecast Rescue Rig we received is a green Haz-mat Carrier (RRP: £6.99) and  again is very realistic and very well made.

The Tonka Diescast Monster Truck (RRP: £6.99) again is diecast metal and excellent quality (and has a bit of weight to it). We received a red fire rescue truck with rotating ladder.

We also received the Tune-up Garage Mini Playset (RRP: £9.99). This is a playset for use with the Tonka Tinys and ours features ramp and lift for the Tinys cars to move around the garage while being “repaired”. The is a plastic playset and so far has stood up to the twins rough handling.

We also received the Tonka Tinys Three Pack (RRP: £4.99). These are miniature vehicles that easily fit into a child’s palm. The Three Pack consist of a Blind Garage containing a mystery vehicle and two other vehicles. We received a construction vehicle pack. These are probably more suited for collecting as the cars are a bit on the small side (something akin to Shopkins and other collectible miniature toys).

Overall, the Tonka Toys at ASDA are excellent quality (especially the diecast models). With Christmas not that far away they would make excellent quality gifts that are “built to last”! Until 7th October 2018 selected ASDA stores have a 25% Rollback instore promotion on Tonka toys.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £1.99 to £9.99

Tonka toy selection now available in selected ASDA stores. To find your nearest ASDA visit

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