Think Floyd at the Assembly Hall Theatre, Tunbridge Wells Review

ThinkFloydThink Floyd
Assembly Hall Theatre
Tunbridge Wells

13 September 2014


Reviewed by Amanda Hayes

We had a fantastic evening at the Assembly Hall Theatre in Tunbridge Wells on Saturday listening to the amazing Think Floyd who have been performing together as a band since 1994. I was extremely lucky to see Pink Floyd at Wembley many, many years ago and this band are certainly the best musicians I have come across since then. The guitar playing was flawless throughout and certainly did Pink Floyd justice. The backing singer Ella G also deserves a big mention for her fantastic singing.

The evening wound its way through many favourites such as Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Dark Side of The Moon and the Division Bell, culminating in a fabulous finale with Comfortably Numb. It wasn’t just the obvious that was played though there were lesser known tracks from Animals and the 1969 track Green is the Colour.

A light show, something that Pink Floyd is renowned for, backed the music throughout and as Tunbridge Wells is a reasonably small venue you probably got the best view of this from the back. We were near the front where we got the best view of the stage and musicians playing and it’s difficult to say which the better position was. I don’t think we have ever been to a concert at Tunbridge Wells where the band was so well received, there was the typical standing ovation at the end but even at the end of every track there was rapturous applause and cheering.

You don’t listen to Pink Floyd music to feel joyous and uplifted but to feel mesmerised and melancholy and this gig was no exception. The songs were portrayed so well that it took me right back to that original concert. So much so, that we didn’t speak for ages after we left the venue and everyone else also seemed in a world of their own as they wandered out.

One thing to note was that 80% of the audience was male so it could well be a good night out for any single ladies out there!

As ever all of the Tunbridge Wells Assembly Hall staff were prompt and courteous, the bar was well stocked and the venue clean and tidy. In fact it’s a great place to visit with a multi storey car park next door for easy parking and the charges are only £1.00 per night.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

Think Floyd are currently touring the UK. For more information, tour dates or to book tickets at a venue near you visit www.thinkfloyd.net.

Assembly Hall Theatre, Crescent Rd, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN1 2LU | 01892 530613


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