Danny Bhoy at The Lowry, Manchester Review

DannyBhoyDanny Bhoy
The Lowry, Manchester

14 September 2014

Reviewed by Cathy Porteus

The Lowry’s Forum Theatre in Manchester was packed to the rafters on Sunday night for Danny Bhoy’s one man comedy show. Danny says he doesn’t read reviews any more, which is a shame, as I enjoyed his routine and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good night out.

Danny touched on current affairs but on the whole his gags were based on life’s small ironies and annoyances, perhaps occasionally making him seem a little like a grumpy (but not old) man. His charm carried the show though and meant he could get away with any awkward moments. I felt that Danny was at his most amusing when interacting with the crowd, his good natured joshing made the audience roar with laughter and he knew when to give up on a routine, if the laughs had already come in early. His pigeon impersonation tickled an audience member so much that for the remainder of the show, he only had to look at her for peals of laughter to be heard, a mark of a good comic.

Sometimes the best jokes were a seemingly off the cuff aside to a longer pre-rehearsed routine, e.g. his cockney Michelin inspectors (from the tyre people) were one of my hits of the evening, much funnier to me than the lengthy story about Danny’s own ill-starred outing to a restaurant of the starred variety.

Danny Bhoy is a hit act in the US and Canada, a fact that he referred to a couple of times on stage. He mentioned the differences between US and UK audiences, particularly when we all seemed pretty unimpressed at his revelation that he had recently done a series of gigs for charity. He said that US audiences would be whooping, I think we were fairly typical of UK crowds in that this seemed a bit like showing off, although well intentioned. He managed to turn it into a source of jokes though, referring to it now and then with mentions of pity applause along the way.

I think we all could identify with the comedian’s irritation at his inability to stop his phone company spamming him with uninteresting news of their awards and achievements. His sarcastic text response was one that we perhaps all should be using, as he allegedly achieved the previously impossible feat of opting out from these updates. I’m not sure I would have the courage but you never know, he might have inspired me to try.

The show was fairly short, we were on our way home just 80 minutes from the start, there was no interval and no support or warm up act. This was fine with me but perhaps for some people might feel a bit brief.

Rating: 4.5/5

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4 half Star

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