The Snow Dog Review


The Snow Dog

Luton Library Theatre 

Reviewed by Dorothy White

This performance was very different to any other performance I have seen at the Library Theatre.  To begin with it started at 6.30pm.  Toy ‘Snow Dogs’ were on sale alongside the programmes at the entrance to the theatre.  This brought lots of ‘Please can I have one’ cries from the children, including my almost nine year old granddaughter!

The stage was set with a settee and a boot, my granddaughter asked why there were no curtains?  She has seen pantomimes and a couple of West End musicals previously.

The show started with dad waking his two grumbling children, a young Evie and older son, plus his wife very early one morning during the holidays so they could go shopping before they went to visit granddad.  Everything in the show was sung, nothing was spoken, all the songs were new, original material.

They visited a baker’s shop where Evie bought a blueberry muffin for granddad, and later a toy Husky for him. Shopping completed they returned home to prepare to visit granddad when the phone rang………………………

Evie was taken up to bed by her brother, she had no idea what was happening, she just wanted to visit her beloved granddad.  She lay on her bed and played with the toy Husky while she waited.

The scenery was minimal – the settee turned around to become the car, later it was a garden!  The actors played several roles and scene changes were done by the actors themselves.

The toy Husky dog came to life as a Qanuk and took Evie on a journey of discovery, there were giant sized puppets along the way.  Suddenly there was a snowball fight involving the audience to the delight of the children!

In the review I read before booking the tickets it said ‘Watch out for surprise visits from a live Husky during the shows’.

The show lasted just 90 minutes including the interval.  During the interval they announced the winner of the toy Husky dog was the person in seat D4 – unfortunately D4 was an empty seat, my granddaughter was sitting in E4. Just before the interval ended someone came and gave my granddaughter the toy Husky dog saying there had been a mistake in the announcement, they should have said E4!  She was thrilled to get her own toy Husky!!

There was great excitement when the promised live Husky appeared on stage!

The show finished at 8pm, and by 8.20pm we were in the car on our way home!

My granddaughter loved the show and amazed us by working out what they had not said.  It was very different to the normal pantomime and very thought provoking.

Running Time: 1 hour 30 mins including interval / Age guidance 4+

£10 / £9 concs / £36 family ticket*
Schools and groups of 20+ tickets £7 each
*2 adults and 2 children or 1 adult and 3 children

For more information and to book tickets click here.

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