The Smurfs Halloween Special Review


The Smurfs
Halloween Special

Reviewed by David Savage

Certificate: U
Number of Episodes: 6
Number of Discs: 1
Running Time: 100 minutes
Format: DVD
Release Date: 1 October 2012

The Smurfs are a race of good little blue creatures lead by Papa Smurf and live in a hidden village in the forest. Also in the forest lives Gargamel, an evil wizard, who will stop at nothing to destroy the Smurfs. If you are in the forest and are good you may get to see these tiny little creatures.

This DVD is a Halloween Special containing 6 classic Halloween episodes of The Smurfs (long before the feature film).

Episode 1: All Hallowseve – While Lazy Smurf is sent into the forest to find some red leaves for decorations at a birthday party is accidently turned red by Mother Nature. Vowing never to return to the village until he is blue again he is captured by Gargamel and the witch Hogatha. Word gets back to the village and Papa Smurf along with Smurfette and a couple of others go off to rescue him.

Episode 2: Monster Smurf – It is Halloween and the Smurfs have to dress up in costumes to win the Halloween competition. Brainy goes into Papa Smurfs workshop and finds his book of magic and turns all the Smurfs into real monsters. Papa Smurf comes home and changes them all back only to find that they have a real monster amongst them.

Episode 3: Things That Go Smurf In The Night – Gargamel can’t sleep because sleep because he has Smurfs on his mind. Snappy Smurf also can’t sleep because he has lost his teddy. They both venture into the forest where Gargamel stumbles across Smurf Village and tries to destroy it and then finds Snappy who has just found his teddy. Snappy has so much belief in his teddy that it comes alive and saves him from Gargamel.

Episode 4: Lure of the Orb – Allura the Enchantress gives the Smurfs a magic orb that grants their wishes but they become addicted to it. To keep using it they must become her slaves.

Episode 5: Poltersmurf – Grandpa Smurf tells the other Smurfs a ghost story about the Poltersmurf with disastrous consequences.

Episode 6: Scary Smurfs – the Smurfs find a house in the forest made of candy which turns them into monsters.

Overall: I remember watching the Smurfs as a child as loved them. Watching them again in this Halloween special was great and it has lost none of its charm. It’s as good today as ever and still has the same moral messages and that good will always triumph over evil. A great DVD for the kids (and to be honest the adults as well).

Rating: 5/5

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