The Slipper and the Rose Review


The Slipper and the Rose

Release date: 5th March 2012

Reviewed by Delphi Ellis

Rated: U
Starring: Richard Chamberlain, Gemma Craven
Directed by: Bryan Forbes
Running time: 137 minutes

The magical story of Cinderella is adapted for the big screen in this glorious, comedy musical for DVD.  The frustrated Prince (Chamberlain) returns from yet another tiresome journey at his father’s bidding to arrange a marriage with a suitable princess.  However, much to his father’s disappointment, he returns alone.  The Prince declares that he will marry for love and no other reason.

The story develops with songs, music and dancing throughout as the King becomes more concerned at his son’s reluctance to find a royal wife which would ensure the succession of the throne; particularly when the King’s hand is forced by the threat of war.  The King decrees that an alliance must be established between the Prince and a suitable maiden to strengthen the borders of his territory and a decision is made to host an extravagant ball to which all the eligible nobility will be invited.

In the meantime, the sweet, orphaned Cinderella (Craven) finds herself tired and alone in the kitchen having been forced to fetch, cook and carry for her wicked step-mother and step-sisters.  Thankfully, all is not lost when magical things start to happen with the arrival of a travelling lady who befriends Cinderella, and engineers an invitation to the prestigious royal event.

It’s love at first sight when the Prince and Cinderella meet but when she is forced to leave the party early the Prince faces a race against time to find his true love before the bordering countries close in.  Will it be too late and will his heart be broken?  Watch this wonderful, heart-warming spell-binding family adventure to find out.

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