The Secret Life of Sissy Tancock Review

The Secret Life of Sissy Tancock
Grove Theatre, Dunstable

Reviewed by Sandra McGhee

I attended The Secret Life of Sissy Tancock at the Grove Theatre in Dunstable last night. To be honest I wasn't too sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised. The play had the audience in fits of laughter most of the time. I can understand why it was strictly for the over 18’s and not faint hearted as there was quite a bit of swearing etc. This did not offend myself nor my guest but I could understand some guests however may have been offended, I noticed about 15/20 minutes into the story 2 guests walked out!  

The story was extremely well written and quite shocking that it was based on a true story, it got you thinking and wondering and was very believable. All of the actors were just fabulous, really believable and convincing characters. The stage setting was appropriate for each scene. The ending was really good, it was all an eye opener, I think for each act the audience were gripped to their seats, as you really didn't want to miss anything. There was quite a lot of audience participation, because they were so outraged and hated the character this was apparent and proved the character was played so well! I got the impression there were a lot of Sissy Hancock fans that travelled a fair distance to support this show which in itself was a great sign of support.  Very well written.

Was value for money and as always the Grove Theatre's staff were welcoming, friendly and always with a smile.

Rating 3/5

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