The Perfect Parent


The Perfect Parent
Do They Really Exist?

Many parents feel that if they can be the perfect parent they will have the perfect child, but parenting coach, Dee Booth says such an attitude can life harder, cause misery and feelings of failure.

Oxfordshire based Dee, known locally as ‘Sleep Fairy’, is now building on her expertise and using 15 years' experience as a mother, nanny and sleep expert to deal with the problems and struggles parents are having with behaviour and how best to resolve it.

Her parenting coaching covers common issues such as; eating and feeding issues, colic or babies that won't stop crying, tantrums and toddler taming, the terrible twos, toilet training, early rising, ditching the dummy and attachment anxiety.

Dee said; “I work with parents, many of whom have feelings of failure or despair because they can't get their children to do what the books say they should be doing. We all know every child is different, therefore all too often the "one-size-fits-all" approach doesn't work, why should it? I work with mums and dads to stop trying to be perfect and instead get them to relax and enjoy being parents; this means their children will be happier and being a parent becomes easier.”

She added; “I help parents to build confidence as well as establish flexible rules and routines, based around their own family needs. This makes daily life more manageable and fulfilling. I also help parents understand what boundaries and expectations their children need, and how to establish them. It sounds simple because it is but when you are at your wits end sometimes just having an outside perspective and making a few small tweaks is all that is needed.”

Dee visits a family and observes their current routines and methods being used and then works with them to find a solution. If her advice is followed, improvements happen fast and remain in place long after she has left.

Avery, from Oxfordshire, commented; "Thank you so much for your help with Felix and Didi! Felix was 100% happy without his dummy, no requests for it and no tears, amazing! He also now eats absolutely ANYTHING. It was easy because I relaxed and I was happy in what he was doing. He seems very happy that he is now like his friends. Didi now naps happily every day and goes down very easily now that we have our routine. Thanks again for all your help."

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