The Body Shop Chocomania Shower Cream Review

Chocomania Shower Cream
The Body Shop

Reviewed by Paul Harvey

This shower cream is pearlescent and contains real cocoa butter and a pleasant chocolaty scent. It’s soap-free and will not dry out your skin.

My wife, Louise has been using this product and absolutely loves it. Especially the gorgeous chocolate aroma without any calories! It lathers up really easily with just a small amount and upon doing so, the scent seems to come to life.

If I was being hyper-critical I would suggest an upside-down, squeezable bottle to make sure it is easy to dispense every last scrumptious drop!

This Body Shop product is priced at £4 a bottle. Although this is more than we would normally pay for shower gel, only small amounts are needed, so it’s quite good value for money. I would highly recommend this to any of my chocolate-loving family and friends.

Rating: 4/5

Available to buy from The Body Shop here.

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