The World Explained In 264 Infographics by Jan Schwochow Review


Reviewed by Jo Hardy

Published by Prestel this is a big title and it’s a big book, 568 pages in 8 categories, the categories are – history, politics, society, economic, sports, technology, culture and art, and science ,so I think there’s something here for everyone.  This is not the type of book you’d take on holiday.  It is a substantial addition to any library.  You need to sit at a table to look through this book.  It is crammed full of the most interesting facts and colourful illustrations.   I am sure there will be people that read it from cover to cover drinking in all the information but I think equally there will be people who flick through it picking out the subjects that interest them the most.  For example, I have little interest in sport so only flicked through that section.   I am however very interested in forensics and crime so read every single word in this section and found it very interesting.  This is also the type of book that you would refer back to time and time again when subjects pop up in everyday conversations . Also useful for future school projects you may have to get involved with.

I have learned so many interesting things from this book and it would be impossible for me to tell you about them all but I will give you a little sample of the things I found most interesting:

  1. After the titanic sank no light reached the wreck for 73 years.

2. In China cosmetic surgery clinics offer special “couple tariffs” for Valentine’s Day , two new noses for around 1,000 euros.

3. In a supermarket bread and milk can often be found at the rear of the store ,on the long way there you have plenty of opportunities to make impulse purchases.

4. On January 10th 1863 the first subway in the world was opened in London.

5. In 2009 Playboy dedicated it’s November issue to Marge Simpson

6. The sun has a mass 700 times greater than all planets added together.

If like me you are unfamiliar with the word infographics it is a way of giving information using a combination of pictures and charts using minimal text.  Once I’d seen them in the book I realised I had seen this type of thing before on the TV and websites.  In daily life we have all become used to accessing information quickly and using infographics is a way of doing this in a book.There is a section about visual journalism in the preface of the book.

My husband in not a big reader and does not have the patience to read a lot of information but he was very interested in this book.  It didn’t overwhelm him with rows and rows of text like a lot of non fiction books do.
This book will be on sale from 4th March 2021 priced £49.99 and would make an ideal gift for that man in your life who is often so difficult to buy for, ideal for Valentine’s Day, birthdays , anniversaries or Christmas.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £49.99

This product can be purchased from Prestel Publishing here.

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