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The Urban Botanist DIY Grande Ecosystem Kit Review

Reviewed by Mel Magnan

All I can say is WOW! What a beautiful Ecosystem all in an eco jar.

I remember my mum having one of these but in a very large glass “carboy“ bottle, that’s what they were called. She had a ball on top to trap all the moisture in which we were NOT allowed to take off and throw about in fear of the plants dying, but it never stopped us.

Things have changed and the jar I received has a wide neck so could put my hand in to set it up, unlike my mums she used a stick contraption to do hers. My eco system jar came really well packaged, all safe in a large cardboard box with extra cardboard packaging and bubble wrap to keep the fragile glass jar safe and I’m pleased to say it arrived in one piece, much to my relief, I can also recycle the cardboard.

I received the DIY Grande Ecosystem Kit from Urban Botanist and it came with everything you need to set up your indoor garden which included a bag of soil, some reindeer moss which was still damp, and three plants – two green ones and a pinkish one, all these came in biodegradable plastic bags which is fantastic, so I didn’t have to worry about the environment .

I carefully added the soil then the three plants, which needed to stay in the pots they came in. I then added the moss placing it on top of the soil and around the pots, and to finish it off some really nice twinkly battery lights which come at an extra cost, so are optional but they make the jar look so nice. There is also, at an optional cost, to have a personalised gold disc with a message on which would make a fantastic gift for a Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. The flask can then be sealed with the cork lid to keep the moisture in and even the jar is made from recycled glass. The Urban Botanist have thought of everything which will please everybody.

All the plants are self-sufficient and the set up means no upkeep or little watering. When the flasks lid is put on it allows photosynthesis to take place, something I remember from school, which in turn keeps the ecosystem contents fresh and keeps the plants healthy.

My indoor garden everyone has commenting on it and that they love the idea and how special it looks it makes a lovely focal point on my table and in the dark, the lights make it even more special.

It also comes with a product and plant care guide which tells you how to go about setting up the jar although it fairly straightforward. It then goes on to tell you how and when to water the plants which is important to read otherwise overwatering can rot the roots, so watering is only around two weeks and even less in the winter months, and not to put it in direct sunlight. So it really does look after itself, no worries when you go away on holiday.

The company have an array of gifts and different plants even one which is a coffee plant which grows white flowers and after a couple of years the flowers change into fruits and inside will be two coffee beans, how cool is that? I might have to put in a request for one for Mother’s Day for myself and give it a go. You can purchase cacti in open terrariums and are open to the environment there is also air plants moss art which I had never heard of and even a living wall of succulents what a great unusual present for the person who has everything, all can be viewed in their booklet or on their website which gives you more ideas and tips on your purchase.

I am so pleased with my eco jar, it’s something so different and looks great in my house. Definitely worth a 5-star rating.

Rating: 5/5

Price from £119.95

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