The Summer Change Up


With summer coming there are likely going to be many different things you want to do to your home to prepare it for the impending sun.  A garden that may have stood neglected in the summer months now comes to the forefront of your priorities as you consider how you can make it better so that you and your family can enjoy it to its fullest potential. There are ways to do this, some are more expensive than others but all contribute to the creation of a better garden to spend the summer nights cooking bbq and relaxing back on a sun lounger. Check out these tips for inspiration.


The implementation of decking gives you somewhere that is completely low maintenance to spend you time on. You won’t need to tend to it, and it gives you somewhere to relax and enjoy the sun without getting muddy feet. It can be quite expensive, depending on what you want done. To really give it that boost you could consider some decking lights from bright lightz. Your home may not be suitable for certain types of decking, so make sure your garden has space enough before implementing it otherwise it can end up looking quite stupid. It needs to be big enough to hold chairs and sun loungers, otherwise what’s the point.


This is easy. Sometimes grass takes a beating over the winter and autumn, especially if you have kids spending time in the garden all the time and trampling it all. You can buy rolls of grass and lay them down so that they form a new lawn. Over time, they will merge with the older turf until you have a whole new garden. The lawn will be lush, and you can even add some grass seeds to it to ensure that it keeps its green glow all summer. Your best bet is to do this now so that it is ready for the summer.

Patio Jet Wash

Hire a jet washer, or use your own to give the patio areas a serious clean. The powerful jet will obliterate all dirt and ground in residue, and also rip up the weeds between the stones so that you can ensure the patio ends up looking brand new. You’ll only need to do this twice a year, but if you get it done now you can relax over summer knowing it is looking its best. Be careful around your new decking, the jet is so strong that it can strip wood of varnish and leave it with huge gouts cut out of the grain.

Plant Now

If you like flowers now is the time to plant them. If you want a nice garden over the summer then you should start planting now. This means they’ll bloom over summer, the time you’ll be spending your most time there. If you are careful you can ensure that you plant staggering plants which bloom at different times. By doing this you can ensure there is always a splash of colour in your garden.


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