The Stag Review


Reviewed by David Savage

Starring: Andrew Scott, Hugh O’Conor, Peter McDonald, Brian Gleeson, Michael Legge, Amy Huberman
Directed by: John Butler
Certificate: 15
Running Time: 94 minutes
Release Date: 21 July 2014
Format: DVD & Blu-ray
RRP: £15.99

Fionnan (Hugh O’Conor), a theatre set designer, is a self-confused metrosexual and is about to get married but doesn’t want a stag do but would quite happily go on his fiancés, Ruth (Amy Huberman) hen night. Ruth decides that he is getting too involved with the wedding and the wedding arrangements/planning and asks his best friend Davin (Andrew Scott), the slightly more macho of the 2, to take him away on a sedate stag weekend hiking in the rural Irish countryside.

Davin reluctantly agrees but tries everything he can to stop Ruth’s infamous, very macho brother known only as “The Machine” (Peter McDonald) from coming along.

When Davin, Fionnan and the other stage set off with Ruth’s brother she phones him to give him their location and the fun really begins.

So the stags along with The Machine set off on what should have been a gentle hike and camping into a hilarious farce off burnt tents, lost clothes, being shot out and lots more.

Overall, The Stag is a hilarious Irish comedy about male bonding set in the Irish countryside. Peter McDonald as the fun, U2 loving, doesn’t have a care in the world “The Machine” is absolutely brilliant and a complete contrast to the other characters creating lots of laughs.

A stag weekend that goes disastrously wrong but sees the friends become much closer but will they discover the masculine side?

Definitely worth watching and lots of laughs.

Rating: 4.5/5

Available to buy from Arrow Films here.

4 half Star

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