The Snowman At Sadlers Wells Peacock Theatre, London Review


Reviewed by Laura S

One of my earliest childhood memories is watching The Snowman at Christmas with my Grandma on TV year after year. It was one of my most favourite things about Christmas and made Christmas feel extra Christmasy.

Watching The Snowman at the Peacock Theatre has been on my bucket list for many years, and this year I was extremely fortunate to be able to tick it off finally.

The Peacock Theatre is a short walk from Holborn, Temple and Covent Garden tube stations and is covered by many bus routes.

The theatre isn’t as traditional-looking or grand as some other theatres in the locality, but this doesn’t impact the theatre experience.

Upon arriving at the theatre, we were greeted by friendly, welcoming and happy staff. There was a lovely atmosphere within the building.

There was a stand selling programs and The Snowman merchandise, which was very reasonably priced. There was something to suit every budget. We bought a colour changing light up Snowman figure for £4.50 and a Snowman soft toy keyring for £5. Both items are very high quality and well worth the cost.

The Dress Circle bar area had plenty of tables and chairs that weren’t cramped together.  Within this area, there was a designated buggy park that was free to use.  The bar sold a mix of snacks, non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks that were not overpriced, and the service was efficient and friendly. On the website, there is an option to pre-order your drinks for the interval to save having to queue.  The toilets were spotless, with ample space for use. You can easily get a child and an adult in a cubicle if needed. The water wasn’t too hot for hand washing, and the soap was plentiful.

Now to the show. We sat in the Dress Circle Row C. From our seats, we had a perfect view of the stage. We could see everything going on and wasn’t blocked by the people sitting in front of us.  The seats were comfortable, with ample legroom and enough room under the seat to put your bag. If you are over 6ft tall, your legs might be a bit cramped.

The set looked very realistic, with excellent lighting to show snow falling and the other props in the scenes. It was easy to identify what each scene was. Scene changes were sleek and not over fussy.

The performance covered the story almost identically, with everything I remember from The Snowman included. I was so pleased that the original story was kept to. I was worried that my beautiful memories of The Snowman might be tainted if the theatre production changed the story.

The acting was superb and joyful to watch. The young child that played the boy looked like they were thoroughly enjoying themselves.

The orchestra was terrific and ultimately brought the story to life. During the famous scenes in the performance with the orchestra playing, we sat in awe and mesmerised by what was going on. It was so magical. At one point, I had felt so nostalgic that I had tears in my eyes.

This was the first time we had seen a non-verbal performance, but that did not hinder performance due to the clever set, actors, props and music played by the orchestra. It was the same as the TV production.

The run time is 1hr 50mins with a 20-minute interval. The show is so engaging that the time passes quickly, and you won’t be looking at your watch.

Overall, I rate The Snowman 5/5. It is perfect for children 4 years plus and adults. I’m glad I waited until my child was old enough to come along with me to watch it. It made the experience extra special, and we have such happy memories watching it together. You will not be disappointed. The music, magic and storytelling will leave with your heart-melting and with the biggest smile ever. This was the most perfect way to start our Christmas celebrations. We are looking forward to returning next year.

Rating: 5/5

The Snowman is on at the Peacock Theatre from 20th November -2nd January.
Tickets start from £18 with several performance times over the weekends to suit everyone.
There are several offers available on the tickets:
Winter Warmer offer: £20 tickets available on £38 and £34 tickets. Saturday 20th November – Friday 17th December, all 7 pm shows. Select discount when choosing seats.
Plus, family group ticket offers.

Tickets available:

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