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Airbrush Plush Unicorn Review


Reviewed by Nia Lock

My children love soft toys. They are always trying to persuade me that they need more but I don’t buy many for them because they all do the same thing. The Airbrush Plush Unicorn caught my eye because it combines an artistic activity with a soft toy. It would make a super gift because it’s both lovable and fun, many toys are one or the other.

When it arrives, the unicorn is safely strapped in to an excitingly big cardboard box. The unicorn is pure white except for its hooves, ears and horn. It has those really big glittery eyes that seem to capture the hearts of tiny people. They even have little stars on them and fluttery eyelashes. It has a happy face and its nostrils are heart shaped. The unicorn’s tail and mane are very fluffy, and they feel very soft.

Once decorated

The Airbrush Plush Unicorn comes with four airbrush pens, pink, purple, yellow and turquoise and sheets of stencils with all sorts of prints and designs on them. The airbrush requires two AA batteries and isn’t too heavy to be used by a child, the spray button is fine for little fingers so they can do it all themselves. The colours are supplied by pushing the pens into the top of the airbrush and although it was suggested that the pens might need rewetting during use, we didn’t need to do that. Perhaps as they start to run out it may be necessary. The colours are really vibrant and the spray comes out gently enough for you to easily vary the intensity of the applied colour by going over it a couple of times. The spraying was really quick to do and the stencils came off without smudging the design. My daughter completed her unicorn design each time in just one sitting, no wandering off or getting distracted and as it sits nicely on the table without tipping over, there were no frustrations associated with the toy.

once washed

I did encourage her not to apply loads of colour in one spot so that it would dry quickly and although she did make some areas very bright, the unicorn was perfectly dry within a few hours and ready to be played with which surprised me as the instructions suggested it could be 24 hrs if lots of colour had been applied.

My daughter was desperate to take her unicorn to bed with her and so I prepared myself for stained bedcovers and pyjamas, but I was pleasantly surprised in the morning to find that despite being excessively snuggled by a very warm child, not even a tiny bit of colour transfer had occurred. After a few days I was able to persuade my little one that the unicorn could have a new design and she reluctantly allowed me to put it in the washing machine. I washed the airbrush plush unicorn at 30 degrees on a quick wash and I was very surprised when it came out of the machine as pure white as it was when it arrived! It’s as though it never happened, now we can start all over again!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £24.99


This product can be purchased from Smyths Toys here.

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