Frugi Party Skater Dress Review


Reviewed by Michelle M

My little niece loves dresses and chooses to wear them at every possible opportunity so I was happy to be offered this party dress to review. As it was her birthday this week I wrapped it up to give to her as an extra birthday present. Had it not been her birthday I would have given it to her as a Christmas gift instead. It has a lovely Christmas themed pattern and is, in my opinion, an ideal dress for Christmas Day as well as for the duration of the Christmas season and niece will be wearing it for the family Boxing Day get together this year.

The dress arrived packed in an environmentally friendly envelope. I was pleased to see the refuse, reuse and recycle message printed prominently on the envelope and that it could also be composted if I couldn’t find a way to reuse or recycle it. It was also clear on the packaging that organic and sustainable sources are used by Frugi, reaffirming that they are an ethical brand. Inside the dress was neatly folded and packed inside a plastic bag however as certain supermarkets now recycle these plastic bags this is more environmentally conscious than it could otherwise have been.

The skater dress is made from 95% GOTS Organic Cotton and 5% Elastane Jersey. It looks well made and the material feels nice and soft and is thick enough to be warm without needing a vest underneath, at least while the weather is mild. There is a nice weight to the dress as we pick it up. It is gathered and has a gorgeous full circular skirt which is absolutely perfect for twirling. Need I say this delighted my niece? There is a lovely sash, in “Loch Blue” colour, around the waist and this is finished with a lovely easily removable bow at the back which we think is great for dressing the dress up a little more for parties or down a little for everyday wear. It is available in all baby and children’s sizes up to ten years on the Frugi website and available in a narrower range of sizes from John Lewis.

The dress is red and is beautifully patterned with a Christmas themed “Let’s Party” all over print. According to the Frugi description this print was inspired by the wintry wildlife found in the Abisko National Park in Sweden, a small detail many retailers would not have included in he description but which I delighted in knowing. Penguins dancing, polar bears partying and bunnies bringing gifts feature in the print along with owls, foxes, birds and more. The animals are all white though many are wearing colourful party hats. Christmas trees, holly, gifts and pennants also add some colour to the pattern and this coordinates nicely with the colour of the sash.

It is a long sleeved dress so there is no need to find a cardigan or something else that will hide the pattern while keeping the cold away. We paired it with plain white tights to prevent cold legs but Frugi do sell coordinating tights here and even matching headbands here which would look superb and ideally make a full outfit for a lovely Christmas gift if you felt the dress alone wasn’t enough although my niece was delighted with just the dress. It is machine washable and suitable for tumble drying on a low heat though as my niece has refused to wear it yet we haven’t yet washed it. As the material feels good quality we expect it to continue to wash and dry well and given than my niece has literally just turned six I expect her to get wear out of it both this Christmas season and next, assuming she can be persuaded to put it on for this seasons parties as well as when she intends wearing it on Christmas Day.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £32-£36

This product can be Purchased on the Frugi website here.

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