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SpyX Secret Agent Comms Kit Review


Reviewed by Rebecca Wong

My son is 9, through the years I’ve watched him enjoying dressing-up, taking on different characters and role playing so seriously that we all have to call him by a different name.  So when he got the chance to try out the SpyX Secret Comms Kit he was more than excited to become a spy!   The parcel was delivered really quickly and came in a nice compact box, that feature great pictures and details of the contents.  The box contained; spy walkie talkies, an invisible ink pen, a voice disguiser and a micro-spy scope. Everything a spy could possibly wish for to carry out effective undercover work!

At this point I began mentally running through what batteries I had in the house but to my surprise all items had batteries included apart from the walkie talkies.  This meant that he could crack right on with exploring the rest of the equipment whilst I dug out six 1.5V AAA batteries (3 for each walkie talkie); which were straightforward enough to install.  In addition, each item came with really thorough instructions on how to use them which was handy to have, but there was no fooling this 9 year old he knew exactly what he needed to do.

The micro scope was great for seeing things that are far away, up close. It’s small and can fit into any spies pocket for easy access.  If spying at night there is a red light that can be put on which shines at the object you’re looking at, which is a really good touch.  The invisible ink pen was great fun, you can write in the pen and on the other end, is a small UV light to which will illuminate the writing, enabling you to read it.  Cue lots of hidden notes left for us around the house. My son also discovered a hidden compartment for a secret note to be stashed, within the pan.  The voice disguiser turned out to be the favourite!  It records your voice (up to 6 seconds), the recording can then be played back and the sound changed by using the slider on the unit, which will either speed up or slow down your voice.  We had great fun with this but soon realised that myself and my husband had to be careful what we were saying, as my son took to secretly recording us when we weren’t aware – a true spy in the making!

Once the walkie talkies had power we tested them out around the house.  I was very impressed with their range and how clear they were.  They very simple and straightforward to use and also featured a call button, which can be pressed to get the attention of the other person. 

This really is a great Christmas present for any wannabe spy.  My son has literally played with it for hours and I often find that he has snuck an item out of the house to use when out and about too – which is exactly what a real spy would do.  I also thought that it is a great quality and suits age 6+ which is the age it is recommended for.  My 6 year old daughter enjoyed using it too. 

Rating: I have to give this a 5/5 as my sons verdict is that it’s ‘absolutely brilliant!’ 

The kit retails for 30.99 and is currently on offer (editor’s note – at the time of writing the review) on Amazon here.

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