The Next 5 Weekends With Your Kids Sorted

It can be a real challenge coming up with things to do on the weekend, but it is more important than ever we do. Family time is just some of the best time, and it needs to have a presence in the fast-paced world of today. This isn’t just because spending time as a unit is an incredible memory-making machine, but also because it is good for kids self-esteem, their social skills and ability to bond.

To help you out, though, here is a list of amazing outdoor activities you can do with your kids and keep the family time working as the magical-memory-making-machine that it is.

Geocache Treasure Hunt

This is a real thing and a great way to get kids back into the great outdoors. In short, it is a real-world treasure hunt where you have to find caches filled with little bits and bobs that other treasure hunters have hidden. For all the rules and details, we really recommend you look at their official website and start exploring what is near you.

Horse Riding Together

It doesn’t matter where you live, whether it be near a ranch on some flatlands or halfway up a mountain pass, there is bound to be a horse riding school for you and your family to enjoy together. It is a chance to be part of nature and to cast your eyes over some of the greatest vistas you’ve never realized were there. As a little tip, we recommend you get yourself some comfortable horse riding boots and then head on out to explore the different trails in your area.

Soar In A Hot-Air Balloon

If you’re looking for ways to create memories that will last forever and a day then get yourself a ride in a hot-air balloon. The chance to see the world from a completely new vantage point and float through the air on nothing but a breeze, staring down at the natural beauty below you, now that is sure to be a lasting memory. Your only quandary will be whether you look at the views or stare at your kids smiling.

Make Your Own Ice-Cream

Okay, if there is one common denominator that links all children around the world it is their love for ice-cream. So why not go one step further and make their ice-cream eating into an experience of ice-cream making. We recommend you have a little trial run first, just to make sure, and then watch as your kids stare in total disbelief, the liquid mix turning to a solid familiarity. It’s just a matter of sugar, milk, ice, salt, flavouring and some bags to mix them in.

Play The Role Of Tourist

All too often we only play tourist when you go away, but maybe it is time you played the role of tourist in your own hometown. Taking in the sights, the history, the educational trivia and the eye-opening experiences, you will be amazed by what you come across. Monuments you’ve never looked at, statues you’ve ignored, famous battlegrounds you knew nothing about, historic buildings you’ve never bothered to appreciate; it is all there and all staggering. It could also be free if you’re looking to save some pennies.

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