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The Little Mermaid Ballet at the Grove Theatre Review

LittleMermaidBalletThe Little Mermaid Ballet
Grove Theatre, Dunstable

Tuesday 22 April 2014


Reviewed by Sandra McGhee

I was delighted, and what a great pleasure it was, to review the above charming performance presented by Ballet Theatre UK and directed by Artistic Director, Christopher Moore at my local theatre, The Grove, located in Dunstable, along with my 9 year old daughter Lucy who loves ballet amongst all varieties of dance. The first publication was in 1836 and now in 2014 a wonderful creation of a classical ballet illustrating the fairy tale story was produced by a great hard-working Production Team who should all be saluted for such a great achievement.

Upon arriving in an extremely busy foyer and collecting our tickets, we purchased a souvenir programme at a reasonable price of £5, we found our allocated seats in a side box and the view couldn’t have been any better.

Lucy and I have seen quite a few ballets over the past few years (ranging from Angelina Ballerina to Alice in Wonderland) which have all been excellent productions, however the standard of last night’s performance was breathtakingly beautiful and truly inspiring, just purely amazing. Along with a very packed audience you couldn’t really hear a pin drop as we were all engaged and transfixed to the stage for the entire evening which provided a really super night’s entertainment of sensational gifted performers who all had passion, so much energy and performed to the highest standard. The costumes were created and designed really well and the set design of stage, artwork extremely clever as well as the choreography and appropriate classical music.

The Ballet Theatre UK produced a dramatic tale of Hans Christian Andersen’s (who was one of the world’s most famous and treasured storytellers) the all-time favourite story of The Little Mermaid, who falls in love with a human Prince and gives everything to win his love. The kind hearted Little Mermaid rescues the Prince during a storm at sea and begins a journey that takes her far from her home beneath the waves. Determined to pursue her love on to the shore she makes a bargain with an evil Sea Witch, but it comes at a heavy price. Ballet Theatre UK’s charming and poignant ballet explores the nature of longing, how making choices has lasting consequences and how goodness can be rewarded in unexpected ways. The interpretation of the classic tale was a real pleasure to watch and would suit all audiences, a real shame about the tragic ending. Both Acts were sensationally beautiful. If you get the chance and want to get lost in a magical fairytale for a couple of hours, I would recommend going to see The Little Mermaid and look forward to seeing further productions of ballet at my local theatre.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

The Little Mermaid Ballet is currently touring in UK to June 2014. For details of tour dates visit www.ballettheatreuk.com/tour-dates.php


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