The LEGO Movie 4D Experience Review


LEGO4DMovieThe LEGO Movie
4D Experience
A New Adventure
LEGOLAND Discovery Centre, Manchester

Reviewed by Linzi Davies

Not even two poorly kids could halt the excitement of a trip to LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Manchester tcheck out the new 4D LEGO Movie, exclusive to the parks. A kind of prequel to the new highly anticipated Lego Movie 2 which isn’t due to hit the big screen until 2018. Arriving at the venue was without problems, the motorway was clear and the place itself is on the Barton Square side of the Trafford Centre so loads of parking just outside the doors. On entrance we were handed goody bags and lanyards for us all and a golden ticket which entitled us to free photograph, a snack at the café and a visit into the SEA LIFE Centre also. Amazing! So at 9:20 after a battle against the baddies we took our seats in the cinema armed with our 3D glasses.

The story whizzed by and the general gist, I think was that, the villain Risky (Lord Business’ brother) i.e. making him extremely Risky Business, wanted to lure Emmett, Wyldstyle and Unikitty into his rip off of a  very popular theme park, his very similarly named Brick World and turn them into performing acts for his own and the audiences benefit. The film as the feature length movie possessed a large number of jokes aimed at far and above the younger watching audience and will appeal hugely to the adults. To be fair the children will just be buzzing from all the flashing lights, the lemon water sprayed out and the best part for my kids was where they actually helped the characters escape evil Risky’s clutches by pointing out the required LEGO pieces to build as only master builders can.

The film captured the children’s enthusiasm and imagination. The special effects including, wind, smoke and lighting were excellent although the further back you sat the less they affected you. One place for improvement from my point of view would be for the chairs to move to really feel the adventure.

Overall a very enjoyable experience and we continued around the attraction and SEA LIFE Centre for a fun filled day before tiredness and high temperatures kicked in again and it was off home for bed still chatting excitedly about what they had seen.

Rating: 4.5/5

Tickets cost from £9.95 if booked online in advance or £18.95pp walk up price.

The new LEGO Movie 4D Experience: A New Adventure is now showing at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre,Manchester. For more information ot to book tickets visit

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre, Barton Square, The Trafford Centre, Manchester, M17 8AS

4 half Star

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