The History Keepers: Nightship to China by Damian Dibben Review

Reviewed by Rachael Osborne

This book is the third instalment in the History Keepers story. Reading of the previous books is not essential as the author introduces you to all the characters as you go. Having said that, I am very keen to read them, as I was so impressed by this one!

The story is about a group called the History Keepers who travel in time foiling evil plots. The story follows the adventures of Jake, Nathan and Topaz, three of the younger History Keepers. We find out that Jake lost his brother the previous year, believed to be dead, and in fact this may not be the case. They have to travel from Shakespeare’s England to Imperial China in search of Xi Xiang, the most villainous foe they have come across so far.

The story was initially a little difficult to get into, but it soon had me hooked. It was well written with characters that were very engaging. The author created a vivid world where anything could happen. I found Xi Xiang to be truly frightening as you could never predict what he might do. I found myself trying to guess what would happen next and each time I was completely surprised. There are several ‘cliffhanger’ moments which made the book very difficult to put down! My son has started reading this book and is very keen to find out what happens.

I would recommend it to older children and adults alike as I feel it has elements to appeal to both. I would definitely read it again after having read the previous ones.

Definitely a 5 out of 5!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £7.99 (paperback)

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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