The Happy’s Pets Bentley Review


Reviewed by David Savage

When this toy dog arrived my small niece was dancing with excitement and could not wait for me to take The Happy’s Pet from its box. I received Bentley and his treat which is a blue bone.

The Happy’s Pets are electronic pets that run around the room making noise and perform tricks when it gets a signal from the special treat.

The treat comes already supplied with the batteries installed but Bentley needs his own batteries. You will need a small crosshead screwdriver to access the battery compartment, a security feature to stop kids with inquisitive fingers playing with the batteries. So after installing the 2 AAA batteries (not supplied) in their compartment and screwing the cover back on I gave Bentley and the treat to my niece. She loved the feel of his soft fur.

While my niece was busy stroking the dog I had to take it out her to show her how it worked. Placing the dog on the floor I pressed the button on his back near his tail, this is the explore mode, and he started to run around barking and making other sounds. When the button on the bone (treat) is pressed and catches Bentley’s eye it will follow the infrared beam and when close enough perform his trick, in Bentley’s case he spins around chasing his tail.

Bentley1My niece loves it and treats it like a real pet. She loves chasing him around and making him follow her when she presses the treat and watching him do tricks. There are other treats available to buy separately that allow him to do other tricks for around £5 each so I may have to look into getting some.

An entertaining toy for toddlers, at least my niece seems to thinks so. I think being able to expand the tricks by purchasing other treats with prolong the shelf life and there are also accessories that can be purchased like the bed and blanket but could end quite expensive. There are 6 pets to collect in the range with a retail price of £19.99 each.

Suitable age is 4 years +

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £19.99

Available to buy from

4 Star

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