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The Good Life Board Game By Allingham Games Review


Reviewed by Michelle Wright and family

When I hear the title the Good Life, I immediately think of the seventies TV series my parents watched where Tim and Barbara Good decided to live a self sufficient life in their home in Surbiton – in fact I have the catchy series theme tune playing in my head as I type this! The theme of self sufficiency and living a greener life runs through this board game, and was one I was intrigued to learn more about with the hope that it might teach my children a little more about their environment and considering lifestyle choices.

The four of us sat round the kitchen one Saturday night eager to find out more about this new award winning family board game. We consist of mum, dad, a teenage daughter and a six year old little boy – the game does say for age seven plus, but he understood the game quickly and just needed a little help with reading some of the cards. Other than that he loved it and even asked to play again the following day!

If you can think of The Good Life board game as a similar concept to Monopoly then you wont be far wrong. Swap money for hay bales, Luxury counters with wheel barrows, trading with animals and farming produce instead of property – all with the aim of living a better, greener life. The winner is the player who manages to fill both their allotment and their garden with chickens, pigs, fruit and veg from animal and farmers markets which they gain as they move around a square board.

There are two piles of cards in the middle of the board. Green fingers that can add in little hurdles to your game such as bird flu and foxes, but you can also gain hay bales when your prize jams win an award! The other pile of cards is called Natural Selection – these are factual questions to ask another player for them to gain additional hay bales based on a A, B or C type answer. We loved these and learned lots about glass recycling, composts, which appliances used the most electricity in our homes etc – some of the facts are real eye openers!

The game is really well produced – we especially loved the 3d wooden pigs and chickens which add another dimension to the board. The counters are small wheel barrows which although cute, are disappointingly plastic which we felt really went against the ethos of a greener lifestyle – they would have been better in wood.

It’s educational at the same time as being fun and appealed to all ages in our family unit. The instructions look complicated at first but after a short time of playing are quickly picked up and easy to get a handle on.

As a family, we loved having a new game to play – and only wish we had discovered it earlier in lockdown! I would totally recommend this as a way of bringing family together, children away from screens, having fun and learning too! 5 stars!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £29.95

This product can be purchased from the Good Life website here.

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