The Dreamboys 2016 Tour at the Grove Theatre Dunstable Review


thedreamboys2016The Dreamboys
Grove Theatre, Dunstable

29 September 2016

Reviewed by Amanda Browne

When I knew I had tickets to review The Dreamboys at the Grove Theatre in Dunstable I knew instantly I would take my 21 year old daughter in law. She was thrilled and rightly so! The Grove is a modern theatre situated in the centre of Dunstable. After collecting our tickets swiftly, we were disappointed to wait some 15 minutes at the bar to get a drink to take in with us (a buy night for a popular show). When we took our seats it was plain to see it was a sellout. We spotted only one male in the audience of women, and in the front row! It was a fairly mixed age group but women predominantly in their 20’s waiting with much anticipation for a night of adult entertainment. It really did not disappoint.

The show opened with the Dreamboys dressed as death eaters (Harry Potter) they quickly disrobed, no wands on show at this point, although you could tell where they were hiding them! Having not seen Dreamboys before, I felt they relied heavily on the ‘Magic Mike’ format. If it’s fit bodies, tight bums, pulsating music, group dance routine and the odd naked man you are looking for then this is the show for you! The crowd went mad for it all. They were whooping, screaming, nearly fainting with excitement. Audience participation was high, with no shortage of volunteers! In fact, I think people would have sold their grannies to get on that stage. My personal favourites were the ‘flash dance’ routine, especially when they took their tool belts off… yes their tool belts! Adele’s Hello was raunchy, Tom Jones ‘Sexbomb’ sent everyone into a crazy frenzy, I think we all swooned at ‘Up where you belong’ when they all came out in Navy Whites! Wow! Wow! Wow! The second half was full of Motown classics.

The main attraction ‘The Black Stallion’, I have no real words for the size of that. I haven’t seen anything that big for years. We laughed, we oooohed, we danced. I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you’re after an evening of adult entrainment with a good soundtrack this is a must see. Slightly disappointed to be told no picture with the lads at the end unless we paid £10, their loss though… my daughter in law is a stunner!

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

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