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The Deep Sea Padoo Review


Reviewed by Sian Manning

Wow is the first thing I want to say, what an incredible idea. Do you have children that climb everything, throw themselves everywhere and bounce around the room? Yeah, me too, I have 3 of them, two boys and a girl and they can be hard work. We got given this incredible review and my three little monsters (collective endearing term) were so excited from the second I showed them the video on the Little Imagineers website. Imagine a sofa that is child friendly, super comfy and can be converted into anything their little imaginations can think up and you wont be far off of the Padoo.

A little about the Padoo and the people behind it, the Padoo only came about during lockdown but I’m very sure it will soon become a huge success and part of many many households. The Padoo is designed to be a useful piece of furniture, a sofa, a chair, a bed, a rocket, a stage, a den, a tunnel or just something to climb on and jump about. The perfect addition to any toy room, children’s room or guest room, it was designed and developed by T and H (editor’s note – names changed to initials) and their two children with something to keep them entertained during lockdown as their main aim and from this the Padoo concept was born.

Be prepared for a big delivery, I don’t know what I had in my head or why I thought it would be smaller, I have seen the pictures and sizes yet I still was surprised by the 3 boxes and the size of them. Saying that I was really pleasantly surprised by the packaging, environmental impact was definitely taken into consideration as everything is recyclable including the packing tape. The boxes themselves are really sturdy and great for repurposing, a new den, a toy dog house, a huge car garage and a massive colouring in sheet are just a few of the ideas thrown around by my three. On the inside of one of the boxes I was excited to see a hopscotch printed, now that is just incredible and one of my favourite unexpected features, I just know we are all going to have loads of fun with this on its own. The other boxes are plain white on the inside so the perfect blank canvas for little and big imaginations.

Taking the parts out of the box you notice immediately how gorgeous the colour is, we have the Navy Blue (Deep Sea) it is a lovely shade, not too dark and not too light and just what you would expect. I can only imagine what the other colours – Peacock, a lighter tealy blue, Pebble, a gorgeous neutral grey, Sky, a lovely light blue, Plum, a sumptuous deep purple and Berry, a lighter pinky purple – would look like in person, but I’m sure gorgeous if this one is anything to go by. While I am talking about colours, it is worth pointing out that there is a section on the website – https://littleimagineers.com/pages/choosing-the-perfect-padoo-for-your-home – dedicated just to the colours, suggesting what to pair them with, a little information about the colours and what they would look good paired with – hows that for detail and help in choosing what will work for you and your home!

Next up the feel is so soft and luxurious, its like a soft velvet, but the best part it is stain and liquid repellant, so anything will wipe straight off, I can attest to this, it got biscuit crushed in (or maybe cake, who knows!) and yes a damp cloth and off it came no problem and no effort involved and if absolutely necessary the covers do come off to be washed. The foam is soft, comfy, thick, bouncy and foamy, soft enough to sleep on, thick enough to not let you sink, comfy enough to sit or sleep on for a whole night and bouncy enough to have hours of endless fun on. We even stacked every cushion and sat on top and even I didn’t sink into the foam, impressively the cushions also don’t slip against each other and have enough friction to keep in place even if you lean on the triangles with nothing behind.

On to playing, we stacked, built, laid flat, arranged and re-arranged and then put it back to being a sofa to build up some energy before starting all over again. The big base pieces have handles making them easy to move for even my 4 year old and despite their size and the quality of the foam and materials they are fairly light and easy to manoeuvre so great for the little ones to play with independently if they want to. If you like open ended play, toys with no boundaries, toys that use imagination, and montessori style learning this will fit right in. It gives children the opportunity to use their imaginations, they could build a rocket, a stage, a play den or they could surprise you and make a car, a beach, a tree, anything they see in their imagination they can use the Padoo to recreate and that is the magic of open ended play – endless possibilities and fun. Pair it with other open ended toys and you really are onto play possibilities for infinity. A sofa you can climb on and play with is definitely something that really caught my children’s imagination too, building on a grander scale, bigger pieces, bigger immersive play and it seems bigger fun too.

The Padoo is also really comfy as a sofa or chair, for child or adult and as an added bonus can be used as an equally comfy bed, so if you have guests, big or small you can lay it down to your desired length, pop a sheet over and you have a guest bed. When you are finished it’s quick and easy to put it back how you like it, I guess if the monsters now want friends to stay over I don’t have the no bed excuse! Or you could use it to sleep in your little ones bedroom if you need to, it’s so easy to move, if it’s not usually kept in the room you need it, it can be taken there quickly with very little effort.

I’m not sure I have ever been more excited for a piece of children’s furniture, it is honestly the best thing for a children’s area, it is functional, it is pleasing to the senses, it is comfy and it is fun and enjoyable.

It would make an incredible gift for Christmas, not just for children, but the whole family, it is an investment but it is also more than just a sofa. You can also buy gift cards on the website so you can ask family and friends to help you spread the cost and buy together. I’m pretty sure we are going to have fun with this for a long time to come and can’t wait to play, create memories and I guess have friends over to stay – one day!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £539

You can buy the Padoo from the Little Imagineers website here.

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