Tesco Weirdoughs Savoury Doughnuts Review

Savoury Doughnuts

Reviewed by Claire Turner

Tesco have a new range of savoury doughnuts: Weirdoughs in Cheese & Onion and Salt & Vinegar flavours. When I picked these up from Tesco I was very sceptical as I love sugar, jam or custard doughnuts so to be trying savoury doughnuts was somewhat exciting! I decided to have them as an afternoon snack – the salt & vinegar were not as I expected, they were not as salty or vinegary to taste but the smell was very strong. The cheese & onion didn’t really have a smell to them but were very strong to taste. I preferred the cheese & onion to the salt & vinegar to taste. The packaging was just like that of a doughnut but blue and green to match the flavours. I would buy these again but for me I prefer normal doughnuts.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £1 (box of 10)

Available to buy from Tesco in store or online at

4 Star

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