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Tesalate Beach Towel Review

Reviewed by Darryl Ryznar

If I said you could have a day at the beach AND it wouldn’t end up in a horrible sandy mess, would you believe me? Well, think again! Tesalate’s revolutionary towel has changed all of my opinions about beach days. Admittedly, we don’t get many of them in Scotland, so bear with me, but when we do, and I dread the thought of going back to my towel lying on the sand because inevitably, it will be covered in said sand, eugh! Well, fear not – this towel is for you.

Made of a specialised AbsorbLite™ microfibre (80% polyester + 20% polyamide), this full-size, soft towel ensures that those sandy beach days are over – the microfibre ensures that sand doesn’t stick. Yes!

This towel is not just for the beach, however. This innovative towel is so incredibly lightweight and compact, it’s handy to pop in a gym bag (hello!). It’s also super absorbent and quick drying (soaking up to 1 litre of water!) meaning after your dip in the pool or shower you don’t have to worry about your clothes or other items in your bag getting soggy – definitely a win in my eyes!

I had opted for “The Swell” with its blue and white pattern, and Aztec-style underside and had several compliments on the design of my fancy new towel when it accompanied me to the gym. It packs up really small too and fits perfectly in its little pouch.

With over 25 stylish designs, it would make the perfect Christmas gift for the gym go-er or beach buddy in your life – even a keen traveller would make room for this in their bag. Rest assured, mine will be coming with me on a trip to Nepal next month!

Overall I was really impressed with the quality of the towel too – at a respectable 160cm x 80cm / 63 x 31 inches it was the perfect size for my 5ft 11” frame. It feels like a really good quality fabric too – the microfibre doesn’t feel brittle or cheap in any way and even after 2 washes this week it’s as good as new. The team behind the product have obviously put a lot of love into it and it shows!

No wonder Tesalate have had over 50,000 happy customers since they launched – actually, make that 50,001 – this towel is fantastic!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £45

Available to buy from uk.tesalate.com.

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