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Reviewed by Claire Turner

My son (George 22 months) and I were very excited to try Talking Tots in Southend as there is a Friday morning class in Rayleigh only a short walk from our house. The class we went to is at 9.30-10.15 and is for 12 months – 2 years and is called Sprites.

When we arrived there were brightly coloured mats on the floor and our class leader (Bal) told George to choose a mat to sit on – he was very happy to do this. There was a big box of toys on the floor to play with whilst we waited for everyone to arrive. Everything that was going to happen in the class was explained to us.

The children were asked to tidy up the toys and then asked to sit with their mummies for the welcome song. Bal then had a big bright yellow ball and she chose a child she was going to roll it to – they had to listen out for their name and catch the ball, then hold onto it and listen for who to roll the ball onto. George must have liked this activity as he was doing then doing this with his nanny and granddad with his toy turtle.

The next activity was building blocks, each child was given 3 blocks and asked to build them into a tower and then when told to had to knock them over. This was great fun. Other activities that have been done over the 3 sessions I’ve attended are: being given a plastic hoop with multi-coloured ribbons attached to it and being asked to find the coloured ribbon, story time, dancing to music and then finding a coloured spot to sit/stand on, nursery rhymes using British Sign Language and Mackaton, being given a car and after ‘ready, steady, go’ to whoosh their cars into the middle of the circle.

At the end of the session we sing the goodbye song and each child gets a sticker. Each class is £5 and you can pay a £10 membership which gets your child a t-shirt, a bag, leaflets and a sticker chart – when their sticker chart is filled up they can exchange it for a prize. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the classes we’ve attended and although they can become chaotic with various children (including George) running around and not listening.

Bal does a fantastic job and we thoroughly enjoy attending her classes – in fact we have just signed up for the summer classes. I have also recommended Talking Tots to a lot of my friends. 10 out 10 and 5 stars from us.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

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